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  • SUNDAY SAUCE - When Italian-Americans Cook

    PRES RELEASE : SUNDAY SAUCE by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke For immediate release New York, NY (Greenwich Village) Mobster Recipe Book to Hit the Shelves Daniel Bellino-Zwicke is not afraid to spill the beans on secret sauces in his new book, SUNDAY SAUCE “When Italian-Americans Cook.” Fans of The Godfather will be pleased to know that of the several Italian-American dishes covered in the book, the Clemenza Sunday Sauce “Gravy” made famous by Al Pacino is included. SUNDAY SAUCE: When Italian-Americans Cook is available now in paperback and on Kindle from the Amazon store. With more than 25 years experience as a Chef and Wine Director in some of New York’s most renowned restaurants, including; Del Posto, Barbetta, Odeon, Corrado, Daniel Bellino-Zwicke has delighted foodies and gastronomic adventurers with the book. Many of the meals that make Italian-American so famous as a food genre within its own right are there: Sausage & Peppers, Pasta Fazool (Pasta & Bean Soup), Spaghetti & Meatballs, Meatball Parm Sandwiches, Sunday Sauce aka Gravy, Mussels Marinara, and many more. If you have ever wondered How to make Clemenza’s Sauce, you’ll find the secret here, alongside recipes for Sinatra’s Meatball Sunday Sauce and Mamma DiMaggio’s Sunday Gravy (Joe DiMaggio’s Mother), as well as Goodfellas Veal & Peppers. Daniel Bellino Zwicke lives and works in New York City where he has been a wine and restaurant professional for more than 25 years. The renowned creator of Bar Cichetti “America’s First Venetian Wine Bar,” Daniel worked hands-on as the chef, Wine Director and managing-partner. Daniel has also authored “La TAVOLA, The Feast of the 7 Fish,” “Italian Christmas” and “Got Any Kahlua?” “The Collected Recipes of The Dude” and he is currently working on a new cookbook, yet to be named … Daniel is one of America’s foremost authorities on the subject of Italian Wine. Sundays are very important in Italian-American culture. It’s a time when all the family comes together to celebrate over a meal. With recipes that have become synonymous with Italian-American with entertainers and movie stars in many an epic movie over the years, the recipes included in this book will make that Sunday even more memorable. Name: Daniel Bellino-Zwicke Website/Author page:  


    The Italian Christmas Feast of The 7 Fish? Ever Wonder about it” Its meaning, make-up, rituals, and of course “How To Make It?” Well Ladies and Gentlemen, You’re in Luck.” Renowned Chef and Cookbook author Daniel Bellino-Zwicke has just come up with his latest “THE FEAST of The 7 FISH” An Italian-American Christmas Eve Feast, and just in Time for Christmas. If you’ve ever wanted to know about this wonderful Italian Christmas Tradition and How to make it, then this book is for you. It has Everything you need to know to make this Wonderful Italian Feast and on all levels  

  • Learn How To Make Clemenza Mob War Sauce

    Learn all about Italian-American Food and Cooking in Daniel Bellino’s two fine books “La TAVOLA” and CLEMENZA’S MEATBALL SUNDAY SAUCE .. Wonderful Italian Stories and RECIPES and these two books. Get La TAVOLA and Clemenza’s Sunday Sauce for Only .99 CENTS More and You’ll Have the most indept library on ITALIAN-AMERICA, The Food, The Kitchen, The People and Their Abundant Table …


    Yes boys and Girls “Chocolate Kahlua Covered Twinkies,” Yummm !!!! What’s Better Than a Twinkie? A Twinkie Covered with The Dudes Big Lebowski Chocolate Kahlua Sauce? Yes? Judge for Yourself. Well, it’s hard to beat a twinkie on it’s own, but for all you Twinkies Lovers out there (10’s of Millions), it’s just another way to enjoy your favorite little sweet, The Beloved Hostess Twinkie .. “Far out Man,” says the Dude. And he’s got a lot of great recipes in his book, “GOT ANY KAHLUA” The COLLECETD RECIPES of The DUDE .. And one Recipe in particular that’s sure to satisfy the legions of Twinkie Lovers, it’s the Dudes Chocolate Kahlua Sauce designed by The Dude to be a quick and easy recipe, Awesomely-Delicious, and super versatile. You can cover everything with it, “Even your Girl-Friend.” Design to go over fresh fruit, Ice Cream, fresh or store bought Pound Cake, and Twinkies … Choclate, Kahlua, and Twinkies, “what’s better than that?” Not Much I tell you .. So Abide in da Twinkie, Abide in da Dude, get yourself a copy of The Dudes Big Lebowski Cookbook “Got Any Kahlua” Get a Box or 2 of Twinkies on July 15, 2013 or “Anytime” there after, make a batch of the Dudes Chocolate Kahlua Sauce and slather it all over you beloved Twinkies, “Oh Heaven!” Abide!


    What is Marinara Sauce? That’s a good one. And I can tell you there is no one single definitive answer. Doesn’t exists, unlike, Amatriciana or Bolognese Sauce which both can have variations, they are still both pretty defined and the variations come after what defines a Bolognese or Amatriciana Sauce. Well, one thing that a Marinara Sauce is, it’s a Tomato Sauce, a type of Tomato Sauce and it will vary according to who makes it. Italians (in Italy) refer to Marinara not as a Sauce but in association with a recipe as in Spaghetti alla Marinara. this translates to Mariner’s Spaghetti or in the style of the mariner, or “Sailor,” and is of Southern Italy and Naples in particular. Southern Italian Spaghetti alla Marinara does not contain any Seafood as some might think. Folklore has it that, Italian Sailors developed Marinara Sauce to cook on ships, as the high-acid content in tomatoes helped to preserve it well. Another theory is that the wives of Neapolitan Sailors cooked Spaghetti alla Marinara for their husbands when they returned from sea. So what is Marinara Sauce? Renowned Cookbook author and Restaurateur Lidi Bastianich says of marinara sauce, “The difference between marinara sauce and tomato sauce is this: Marinara is a quick sauce, seasoned only with garlic, pepper, and, if you like, basil or oregano. The pieces of tomato are left chunky, and the texture of the finished sauce is fairly loose. Tomato sauce, on the other hand, is a more complex affair, starting with puréed tomatoes and seasoned with onion, carrot, celery, and bay leaf, and left to simmer until thickened and rich in flavor.” Marinara Sauce is widely used in Italian-American Cuisine, and the sauce varies from person to person and, cook-to-cook, chef-to-chef, restaurant to restaurant, “there is no one single exacting specific recipe, but all usually have Olive Oil, Garlic, Tomato, Pepperoncino, and Basil and or Oregano. Oregano seems to be the biggest single factor in what a Marinara Sauce actually is, as many versions of Marinara Sauce seem to have Oregano included in it, which is not usually present in true Italian (of and from Italy) Tomato Sauce, or Sugo al Pomodoro. One other factor, is that Marinara Sauce is cooked quickly, in about 10 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes or longer for regular Tomato Sauce. OK, now, my Marinara Sauce, what I think it is, and how I make it. Remember, I am of Italian-American descent. I cooked professionally for 20 years, in French, then Italian Restaurants. To me, the way I was taught and what I think is the best tasting Marinara Sauce is as follows. To make Marinara Sauce, I already have my base, regular Tomato Sauce that I have made previously. When I was in a restaurant and someone wanted Marinara Sauce, this is the one we made. We’d use about a cup of our regular tomato sauce that was always on hand. When we got an order for Spaghetti Marinara, we’d put some Olive Oil and a single serving pan. Heat it, add a good amount of chopped fresh Garlic. Cook the garlic, add a bit of Pepperoncino (Red Pepper Flakes) and a little dried Oregano. This was our flavoring base, and would considerably add much flavor to the base Tomato Sauce, making for a quite tasty Marinara. Once the garlic has cooked to where it just starts to brown a bit, you add the Tomato Sauce and heat through. Once your spaghetti has finished cooking, you drain it, drop it in the pan with your Marinara Sauce, adding a bit of the pasta cooking water, toss the pasta (mix) and serve. Voila, Spaghetti Marinara, my version and the one one most excepted as Marinara, though there are others. This is not the defining Marinara Sauce Recipe, but I believe the one most widely used, and no matter, I can tell you it’s dam tasty and, I always get raves whenever I make it. Basta!


    SUNDAY SAUCE aka “GRAVY” or Simply “SAUCE” Here’s A Guide to That The SUPREME DISH of ITALIAN-AMERICA 1) SUNDAY SAUCE, MEATBALLS, Stories of Italian America in “La TAVOLA” by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke 2) The ITALIAN-AMERICAN COOKBOOK by John Mariani 3) SUNDAY SAUCE Sausage Meatballs & Fazool by D. Bellino 4) CLEMENZA MEATBALL SUNDAY SAUCE Video at  

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