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The Hero Next Door

Every country has its heroes to whom people look up to and feel proud about. Romania has Nadia Comaneci, Vlad the Impaler and most recently the baker who fought the terrorists in one of the London terror attacks. But has anyone heard of DR AURELIAN STEFAN?

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What it means to be a hero?

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are famous, others are as modest as they come. Some change the entire world, others change the world for only one individual. What heroes have in common is that they do good because it is the right thing to do. A hero doesn’t seek notoriety or financial gain and he is certainly not afraid of karma. Put a hero in a different set of circumstances and he will do good no matter what.

The hero next door

For Romania (a rather large, but poor Eastern European country) Dr Aurelian Stefan is such hero. He is one of a kind and he is the hero next door. He may not be worldwide famous, but he already has saved thousands of lives.

Romania, the country with the largest animal genocide in European history

Romania has the dubious honor of being one of the countries which treats homeless animals in an extremely cruel way. The triad that makes this animal cruelty possible is:

* corrupt authorities that make money out of dog catching businesses,

* the lack of educational campaigns, and

* a population that is ignorant about animal welfare and too passive in the face of injustice.

As a result thousands and hundreds of thousands of homeless and back yard animals suffer needlessly.

Among the few people who decided to do something positive about it, Dr Aurelian Stefan remarks himself. He is the Romanian Noel Fitzpatrick, the Romanian supervet.

Initiator of large scale spay campaigns and educator of young veterinary doctors

He is first hand involved in organizing sterilization campaigns on a large scale thanks to Romania Animal Rescue, where is a board member as well. He is fighting animal cruelty and abandon at the very core of the problem by providing free sterilization surgeries to homeless animals and animals belonging to owners who are financially strapped.

He shares his veterinary knowledge with young new vets whom he trains and teaches modern sterilization techniques.

Raises awareness and empowers Romanian citizens

He goes a step further and he works hard on raising awareness about the Romanian dogs. He also works on educating the local people about animal welfare and sterilization as a means to humanely reduce the high number of homeless animals and curb the abandon and cruelty.

He founded a group where Romanian citizens from all walks of life can contribute toward the sterilization of a homeless animal. Anyone can join this group, but to get full membership you have to pay a roughly $3 fee (or 10RON, the local currency)

Everybody is welcome to Dr Aurelian's group

Through this group Dr Aurelian Stefan gives means to Romanian citizens to take matter in their own hands and fix the problem. The group provides empowerment and accountability to Romanian citizens as opposed to waiting for foreign donations to cover the sterilization campaigns. The group is still in its infancy but hopefully it will gain traction and more and more Romanians will get involved in fixing the problem once and for all. The group is open to anyone, but the emphasis is on Romanian citizens to join and pay the fee.

If you want to know more about this little known initiative or you want to give your support, check out Romania Animal Rescue website. Or give them a like on Facebook or spread the word about the Romanian dogs. They need US to speak for them.

For more information about Romania Animal Rescue click here or here. For more information about the current situation of Romanian homeless dogs click here.

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