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14 Insane Milkshakes Everyone In Brisbane Needs To Try At Least Once

Don't you dare be fooled into thinking Canberra is the only place with damn good shakes.

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1. Chester Street Bakery & Bar, Newstead

The term "Tim Tam slam" involves no tea at Chester Street. Sister venue to Doughnut Time, these milkshakes are on par with the takeaway window – only here you can dine in and sip from a glass. How fancy!

2. Bitter Suite, New Farm

Milkshakes sure have changed since you were a kid. Just as you got more sophisticated, so did your milky beverage. One great example? The Lemon Meringue Pie milkshake at Bitter Suite.

3. Flute, Cooparoo

Yaaass. Flower pots filled with milkshake! This is what childhood dreams are made of. Get yourself to Flute to indulge in the peanut butter and dark chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry, chocolate brownie or espresso thickshakes.

4. Arthur's Green, Red Hill

It's not called Arthur's Green for nothing – this place has a yard, and its Milo milkshakes are bringin' all of y'all to it. Damn right, it's better than yours, and it would be unpatriotic to pass up this culturally significant shake.

5. Ben's Burgers, Fortitude Valley

This is all getting too fancy, isn't it? What happened to a classic shake? It's okay, Ben's got your back - just like its menu of just three we-won't-take-any-alterations burgers, Ben's do three simple shakes too – vanilla bean, Hershey's chocolate and strawberry jam.

6. Doughnut Time, Fortitude Valley

This strawberry milkshake is topped with marshmallows and Persian fairy floss. Seriously. Order one, but also be sure to save space for a doughnut or six too, and remember – this place is open late.

7. Gramercy, Brisbane City

The kids at Gramercy change their shake like they change their sheets – whenever they feel like it. At the moment you can sip the bounty shake – toasted coconut gelato, housemade chocolate sauce and cream, finished off with pieces of toasted coconut.

8. Shady Palms, Stone's Corner

How's this salted caramel AND peanut butter combo? Killer. Add a historic figure as a table number and Shady's got a well-sophisticated shake venue.

9. Pearl Cafe, Woolloongabba

Pearl pump out house-made butterscotch and chocolate ganache milkshakes like it's no big deal. The butterscotch one tastes like liquid Werther’s Originals, and their coffee is top notch too, so try ordering both!

10. Southside Tea Room, Morningside

Drop into this cafe for a no-nonsense, milkshake that uses real jam and real cream. 100% wholesome goodness.

11. Hoo Ha Bar, South Brisbane

Cinnamon! They put freakin' cinnamon on top of their salted caramel shake, which for the record takes it from awesome to DAMN amazing. Settle into leather chesterfield couch by a window, and sip your way to heaven.

12. Lucky Duck, Highgate Hill

A milkshake with coffee in it? How adult. Served in a classic silver cup (generally a sign of a good shake), Lucky Duck have thrown tradition to the wind. The Canadian Bomb mixes chocolate, banana, espresso, maple syrup and ice-cream together.

13. Milk Cafe, Ashgrove

Speaking of childhood dreams... nothing says fun like a chocolate dipped, sprinkles rim. Feel like a kid again in this milk bar sipping a cookies & cream thickshake or one of the other tasty concoctions from the page long shake menu.

14. Cowch, South Bank

You're in good hands here. The word "savoury" is not in the vocabulary at Cowch – unless you're talking about the bacon ice cream. It's a chocolate heavy shake menu here with Tim Tam, choc mint, cookies and cream, and chocolate peanut butter all available.