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    21 Things Everyone Who Wears Makeup Should Celebrate

    You the real MVP.

    1. It took a while, but you learned to love them:

    2. You overcame this nightly struggle:

    3. And accomplished things you only ever dreamed of:

    4. Nothing is impossible:

    5. Give yourself a pat on the back:

    6. A round of applause:

    7. A standing ovation:

    8. Sometimes you just have to push through the pain:

    9. Because nothing is sweeter than victory:

    10. Even when adulting gets in the way of your happiness:

    11. Remember how far you've come:

    12. All the sacrifices you've made:

    13. Blood, sweat, and tears, but mostly sweat:

    14. Life begins at the end of your cat eye:

    15. Keep fighting the good fight:

    16. Go on, take a selfie, you've earned it:

    17. You've made it to the finish line:

    18. And found the key to success:

    19. One day you'll tell your grandkids about this:

    20. Never give up pursuing what makes you feel ALIVE:

    21. It always seems impossible, until it's done: