Twitter Is Dragging This Beauty Blogger After She Referred To Asians As “Ching Chongs"

    "Many of us don't always understand the 'Ching Chongs' with the black hair and the funny clothes."

    Last week, beauty blogger Vika Shapel started something called the "chocolate challenge," and people quickly pointed out that it was basically a blackface tutorial.

    And now this week, Swiss beauty blogger Cocomadkilla is pissing people off after posting a deeply problematic review of K-beauty brand, Glowrious.

    She started her review with a troubling joke: "Many of us don't understand the 'Ching Chongs' with the black hair and funny clothes (hihi). But what makes us all the same, is our love for sleek and beautiful skin."

    After the inevitable backlash, she made her account private, but it's 2017 and everyone knows the internet always keeps receipts.

    And according to Twitter, her boyfriend isn't any better.

    She posted an apology with a glamour shot, where she claims she's not a racist and she has friends from different origins and cultures.

    And Twitter is dragging her for it.

    @ESEAsianBeauty so basically the typical "im not racist i have ---- friends" response/apology

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    @ESEAsianBeauty Lmao typical, "I got friends of all flavors, my bad" apology 😂🙃


    @ESEAsianBeauty LITERALLY she never says sorry for what she did. She said "sorry if you were offended."

    How is this still happening in 2017?