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    6 Tips From A Celeb Stylist That'll Keep Your Hair Looking Fab This Summer

    How to survive the heat, sea salt, and chlorine this summer.

    Summer can be rough on our hair, so we asked celeb hair stylist, Cynthia Alvarez, for tips on how to make it without damaging our manes.

    Cynthia Alvarez

    Quick recap: Cynthia is a badass and the creative genius behind Dascha Polanco's ~lewk~, so she might know a thing or two about hair that slays.

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    1. Cynthia started by sharing two super easy hacks: Purple shampoo for color-treated blondes, and a nourishing cream for frizzy curls.

    For color-treated hair: "To keep any blonde colors intact and prevent it from any damage, I recommend mixing a quarter size of any purple shampoo with any nourishing shampoo following a hot day at the pool or beach. This will restore moisture in your hair."

    For curls: "Throughout the day, if curls start to become undefined at the ends, you can simply wet your fingertips and start to recoil them. Reapply a nourishing cream to help redefine any frizzy curls. One of my favorites is the Dove Absolute Curls Supreme Crème Serum."

    2. If you recently colored your hair, you should stay away from the sun, chlorine, and salt water for at least a week.

    "Overexposure to the sun, chlorine, or salt water can make any color fade faster. I definitely would recommend avoiding them for about a week, because it'll take about that long for the color to set in. If you have to be in the sun, use coconut oil in your hair because it acts as a natural sunscreen. Also, be careful when using hot tools because it can damage your hair cuticle."

    3. If you can't avoid chlorine and salt water this summer, remember to hydrate your hair.


    "The chemicals in chlorine and salt from the ocean can cause hair to become severely dehydrated. To combat any dryness, I recommend rinsing your hair before going into the pool or beach water, and immediately after you get out. After, follow up with a thick leave-in conditioner or a deep conditioning mask to immediately start repairing any dryness or lost nutrients in your hair."

    4. Cynthia also told us which DIY hair masks actually work.

    Screen Gems

    For thin hair: "To restore life back into thin hair, use a chocolate mask. Mix cocoa, warm milk, jojoba, coconut, and avocado oil together. Also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil."

    For dry hair: "To prevent any breakage on dry hair, make a mask that includes honey, coconut oil, and an egg yolk. The trick is, you have to warm it up! This will also help add shine back into your hair, prevent split ends, and nourish your scalp."

    For oily hair: "To help breakdown product buildup in your hair, use an apple cider vinegar mask. Simply mix apple cider vinegar with honey, water, and lemon. Pro tip: Always dilute apple cider vinegar with one or two tablespoons of water because it's really acidic."

    For kinky, coily hair: "Definitely use an avocado mask to rehydrate kinky, coily hair. Use one mashed avocado and mix it with honey, mayonnaise, and coconut oil. Thick, oily mixtures rich in proteins will keep hair shiny and moisturized."

    For curly hair: "To keep loose curls bouncy and moisturized, I recommend a mask with Greek yogurt, honey, olive oil, and Vitamin E oil. Let it sit for 15 minutes."

    5. Dry shampoo will be your BFF if you live somewhere humid.

    "Humidity plays such a huge role in how long your style will actually last because of all of the added moisture. Use dry shampoo in your hair as soon as you're finished getting a blowout, because the powders will prevent moisture from kicking back up in your hair."

    6. As for her favorite products for the summer, here's what she recommends:

    For straight hair: "Use a dry oil and apply it from the mid shaft of your hair all the way down to the ends. Once you're done styling your hair, you can top it off with an anti-frizz smoothing cream to make starved hair shiny and restore any lost moisture."

    You can get Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil from Sephora for $20.

    For wavy hair: "Use a sea salt spray to maintain any waves and to give it a lived in feeling. Pro tip: When applying, section your hair into four parts and apply the sea salt spray. Once you've done that, scrunch your hair while it's still wet until you’ve achieved your desired wave pattern."

    You can get the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray from Sephora for $27.

    For curly hair: "For this hair type, you have to be super careful because curls can become easily dehydrated or frizzy. The root of frizzy hair is actually damage. I recommend using a shampoo and conditioner like Dove Intensive Repair to nourish your curls and repair any damage. Follow up after your shower with a leave-in conditioner and an anti-humidity gel to fight frizz."

    You can get the Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner from Amazon for $3.98 and $3.49, Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner from Sephora for $26, and the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel from Sephora for $26.

    *Hair flips her way through the summer.*