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    19 Genius Storage Ideas Everyone With A Tiny Room Will Appreciate

    Who says you can’t be MacGyver *and* Martha Stewart?

    1. Keep odds and ends contained in hanging mason jars.

    2. Build a stackable shoe rack you can customize according to the space you have available.

    3. Take advantage of every single inch of space you have and install shelving over the door.

    4. Make a pegboard headboard and secure wire baskets.

    5. Thread scarves through shower curtain rings to free up your floor space.

    It's an easy way to keep your closet organized without taking up too much space. Learn more about it here.

    6. Use the same method to organize your tank tops.

    7. Use soda can tabs to hang two hangers in one.

    8. If your bedside space is limited, go for one of these small yet functional tables.

    You can buy them here for $31.99 and here for $33.16.

    9. If a table isn’t enough, you can also get these storage pockets to keep everything handy.

    10. Or you can always use a tiny shelf as a nightstand.

    11. If you're feeling crafty, you can DIY a tiny nightstand with storage.

    12. Morph a magazine holder into a tiny desk.

    13. If you have the time and the organizational skills, you can sort your outfits for the week and label them accordingly.

    14. Create a makeup magnet board to know where your favorite blush is at all times.

    15. This DIY hanging coat rack will free up a lot of space while giving any room a ~cool~ but resourceful vibe.

    16. To keep clutches from cluttering the closet floor, store them in a lid rack.

    17. Hide your dirty clothes inside an adorable hamper that will take up barely any space.

    18. Use the back of your door as a wall and hang rods, magnetic strips, and hooks.

    19. Get creative and use crown molding to organize your heels.