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Answer These Makeup Questions And We'll Predict How Many Kids You’ll Have

Oh baby!

  1. 1. Which glittery eyeshadow speaks to your soul?

  2. 2. Which rainbow eyeliner brings you joy?

  3. 3. Which makeup look goes with your aesthetic?

  4. 4. Which makeup mess mirrors your life?

  5. 5. Pick a lip color palette you'd actually wear:

  6. 6. Which of these eyebrows are #goals?

  7. 7. Pick an eyeshadow/eyeliner color palette you've been dying to try:

  8. 8. Pick a group of lipsticks that actually make you feel ~artsy~:

  9. 9. Which of these pictures actually make you feel zen?

  10. 10. Which color eyeliner would you wear for a special occasion?

  11. 11. Pick the galaxy lips that you feel are *out of this world*:

  12. 12. Which of these burgundy shadows make your soul feel calm?