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This Video Shows What Happens When You Ask A Boy To Slap A Girl

In a social experiment created by, young boys were asked to slap a girl, and their reaction proves that older doesn't always mean wiser.

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The video was produced by Italian media organization as part of an anti-domestic violence campaign to show the difference between right and wrong can be taught at an early age.

The video starts with an off-camera male voice asking five adorable young boys questions:

The boys are introduced to a girl named Martina. Stunned, many of them giggle nervously:

The interviewer then asks the boys what they like about Martina:


When asked to caress her, the boys awkwardly stroke her cheek:

They're also asked to make a funny face at her:

But when asked to slap her:

The boys refuse, and their responses are just spectacular:

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You can watch the full video here:

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