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    This Is What The New Asos Makeup Line Looks Like IRL

    We show you the good, the bad, and everything else in between.

    Asos, the über-popular online retailer, just released a makeup line.

    Here's what we know about the line so far:

    • Asos says it created the line to "empower" twentysomethings. The makeup line is expressly gender-neutral, as well.

    • Asos wants people to use their makeup to express themselves and "go play," using their faces and bodies as a canvas.

    • Everything in the line is under $20.

    Here's what the packaging looks like:

    Four BuzzFeed editors — Daniela, Delaney, Essence, and Michelle — tested* the makeup for you!

    First up, we tried liquid lipsticks.

    Prove It matte liquid lipstick:

    Immersed matte lipstick:

    Observant matte lipstick:

    Patience matte lipstick:

    Next, we tried their matte and satin lipstick collections.

    Uncompromising matte lipstick:

    Doubtless matte lipstick:

    A'Game matte lipstick:

    Unarmed satin lipstick:

    Then we tried the blush. First up, Unbothered:

    Next, we tried Acceptance:

    Next, we played around with their Straight Up liquid eyeliner.

    We also tried Vigilant:

    Then we tried their Bulletproof bronzer:

    We tried brightening things up with their highlighter. First we went for Flawed:

    Then we tried Tenacious:

    Finally, we gave their Bossy mascara a whirl:

    Here's what we liked: the liquid eyeliners, the Doubtless matte lipstick, the Unarmed satin lipstick, and the Bossy mascara.

    And our least favorite was hands down the Patience liquid matte lipstick.

    So what did we think overall?

    Asos Makeup is available for purchase now.