12 Very Stylish People Talk About Their Prom Outfits

    Lots of sequins and taffeta ahead...

    1. Grasie Mercedes, actress and blogger.

    2. Chelsea Henriquez, style and lifestyle blogger and publicist.

    3. Paola Alberdi, creator of Blank Itinerary.

    4. Audrey Williams, branded content strategist.

    5. Steffy Degredd, blogger.

    6. Tara Maria Gonzalez, freelance writer, stylist, and fashion consultant. Previously fashion editor at Coveteur.

    7. Danielle Prescod, style director.

    8. Lissette Calveiro, Publicist

    9. Claudia Alonso, wardrobe stylist.

    10. Jazzmyne Robbins, BuzzFeed video producer.

    11. Skylar Kearney, social media intern for BuzzFeed's As/Is and owner of As You Are lingerie.

    12. Jamé DreeAnn Jackson, style and beauty writer for As/Is.

    Till next prom season, everyone!

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