This Gorgeous Rose Quartz Nail Trend Will Be All Over Instagram Soon

    They rock!

    Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of "unconditional love" because of its energy of compassion, tenderness, and nourishment. It also speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, so that's nice.

    In addition to the ~good vibes~ Rose Quartz is also a gorgeous crystal, which is why we're obsessed with this new nail trend inspired by it.

    You can go for a dramatic look if you're looking to make a bold statement.

    But you can also be subtle with it, if that's more you.

    Try it with an more saturated shade of pink for an extra pop.

    Or mix it up by adding gold details.

    Btw, you don't need to have super long nails to rock this.

    Get silver French tips to make your manicure unique.

    Or outline your nail beds with a metallic color.

    So glad pink is still having a moment!