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    This Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions Using Makeup


    Mimi Choi is a suuuuuper talented makeup artist who likes to push the envelope with her optical-illusion makeup.

    Judging by her work, you'd think Choi was a seasoned makeup artist, but she's only been doing this for three years.

    She was a preschool teacher before she decided to enroll in Blanche Macdonald, a Canadian makeup school.

    When it comes to her style, she doesn't care about following trends; she prefers doing things that challenge her as an artist.

    "I like creating optical illusions with makeup because it’s the most challenging makeup style out of everything I’ve tried, and I like challenges," Choi told BuzzFeed.

    She's inspired by art, and her creativity usually kicks in at night, when everyone else is sleeping.

    "I get a lot of my inspiration from photography, paintings, and emotions. I feel most creative past midnight when everyone is asleep and the world is quiet."

    When it comes to creating her detail-oriented looks (which take anywhere from 1-5 hours btw), she uses regular makeup products and vegan brushes.

    "Most of my illusion makeup looks are done using regular beauty makeup products, makeup brushes, and fine detail paint brushes. My favorite tools have to be my Cozzette vegan makeup brushes, and my go-to products are Make Up for Ever Flash Palette and eyeshadows, Stila and NYX liquid eyeliners, and Kryolan aquacolors."

    Even though her work is mind-blowing, not everyone is a fan, but she makes the best of it.

    "I think all artists who display their work publicly are susceptible to critique because art is subjective. I tend to turn negativity into a positive force to improve on my craft."

    But don't hold your breath for future YouTube tutorials from Choi. Though it is a possibility in the future, it's not a priority at the moment.

    "There is a possibility, but it's not something that I'm focusing on at the moment. The majority of my looks aren't planned and I'm usually very spontaneous with my art so doing tutorials would require a lot more effort."

    And for anyone looking to follow in her footsteps, her advice: Get out of your comfort zone!

    "Always be kind to others. Be patient. Go out of your comfort zone and never stop challenging yourself. Instead of following trends, try to develop a unique style and create a trend of your own."