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    Everyone Is Trolling The West Coast Over Their Thanksgiving Side Dish Choices

    An old survey that resurfaced on Twitter, shows the West Coast loves eating salad on Thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving is here and I'm giving you a whole new reason to start an argument with a family member, or you know, strangers on Twitter.

    An old poll conducted by FiveThrirtyEight recently resurfaced on Twitter, and the data shows the most disproportionately consumed side dishes in every region:

    Here’s the most disproportionately consumed Thanksgiving side dish in each region:

    Let's break it down: The Northeast is all about squash.

    The Southeast really wants mac and cheese with their turkey.

    Texas and some central Southern states MUST have cornbread with their meal.

    Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin are really into rolls and biscuits.

    While their neighbors are fond of green bean casseroles.

    But the most interesting result was on the West Coast. According to the data, they over-consume salad as a Thanksgiving dish, and people are truly confused by this.

    So naturally, everyone on Twitter is trolling the West Coast.

    *Reading right to left* Makes sense, makes sense, mhmm, makes sense, I get it, WHO THE FUCK EATS SALAD FOR THANKSG…

    A salad? Be better, people west of the Rockies. Also, I don't recall ever eating cornbeard on Thanksgiving, but I'…

    Need to convince editors to run a PIN query so I can investigate WHY on earth SALAD is the common side dish consume…

    Some are trying to explain what salad actually means, though it's not really helping their cause.

    @AbbottRabbit @GeeDee215 💯 yes to all of this. My fam had a “green jello salad” that was lime jello, cottage cheese…

    While others claim said "salad" is not actually a healthy side dish, like we all imagined.

    In the west, I'm sure they mean "macaroni salad" or "potato salad" or "fruit salad with Cool Whip", not a healthy s…

    On the other hand, people are giving the South props for their choices.

    I don't say this sentence often or lightly, so it should be savored by those of you inclined: The rest of us could…

    The south is the only area with proper living conditions

    FYI: I live in the mac & cheese part of the country. The rest of you squash eating, roll eating, salad eating, gree…

    And some just pointed out, that whether we like it or not, the data seems pretty accurate.

    The accuracy of this is spot on. Texas "Cornbread fed". West Coast on a diet. They have no taste buds up north. Mac…

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Even those who eat disproportionate amounts of salad.