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    Updated on Oct 11, 2018. Posted on Jan 12, 2017

    The New Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette Basically Turns You Into A Lip Artist

    Create that custom color, bb.

    You guys, Anastasia Beverly Hills just launched the most amazing lip palette ever.

    Anastasia Beverly Hills

    It includes 18 vibrant AF shades (primary hues, bolds and neutrals).

    This full-coverage palette with a matte finish, will become one of your faves in no time.

    @jayrozze /

    You can wear the colors individually, or you can mix and match to make a custom lip shade.

    So, it basically turns you into a goddamn lip artist, brush and mixing palette included.

    @anastasiabeverlyhills /

    Your lips would be the canvas, duh.

    Here's how to make your bright tones:

    Anastasia Beverly Hills

    And vivid pastels:

    Anastasia Beverly Hills

    Looking for something tame? Here ya go:

    Anastasia Beverly Hills

    And for sultry deep tones, here's what you have to do:

    Anastasia Beverly Hills

    I mean...just look at this makeup porn:

    Please and kindly, TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY.

    You can get it on their website for $48.