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    This New Trend Makes Rainbow Hair Look Even Cooler

    It'll be all over Instagram soon.

    In a world where people willingly apply makeup using someone else's genitalia, sometimes it's nice to celebrate the simpler, prettier things in life. Like rainbow hair carving, a new trend that combines shaving (carving) and coloring (rainbow) designs into hair, creating a vibrant, multi-colored buzz cut.

    So, it's basically a very detailed and intricate take on rainbow hair for people with very little hair.

    Janine Ker is a Pasadena-based artist turned hair stylist, and the creative force behind it.

    Janine's creative process doesn't just involve selecting hair colors for her clients. Since she's an artist, she sketches every design first.

    Here's one of those ideas, turned into a gorgeous geometric buzz cut.

    If you're feeling nostalgic, a '90s-inspired print might be the solution.

    But if you want something just as cool but not as colorful, she's got you covered too.

    She's also a stencil hair art master, which might be an easier trend to get into for those who aren't ready to shave off their hair.

    She's printed a bunch of different objects on her clients so far, like this fun ~retro~ style.

    Or this cool design that will make anyone feel like they're part of a Yayoi Kusama exhibit.

    Into it.