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    21 Easy Eyeliner Hacks Everyone Should Try

    They'll be the wind beneath your wings.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best eyeliner hacks they've ever tried. Here are some useful tips that actually work:

    1. Figure out what works best for your eye shape.

    2. Start with a challenge.

    3. Get the perfect wing by connecting the dots.

    4. Stop watching tutorials and start experimenting.

    5. When it comes to the perfect eyeliner, a magnifying mirror can be your best friend.

    6. Use a piece of paper to achieve a straight line.

    7. Always use two hands.

    8. Avoid oily lids by using shadow primer.

    9. Draw the wings first, and the rest will follow.

    10. Smudge your wings, on purpose.

    11. Trade liquid for gel and a stiff brush.

    "Using gel liner with a stiff brush makes it so much easier. I used to use liquid liner and would never be happy. Then I got a gel liner and a fairly stiff brush and it's so easy now compared to earlier. I think it's because it doesn't move as much compared to a liquid, so you don't mess up as easily."

    —Caroline Hammer, Facebook

    12. Dark eyeshadow will soften your look and erase all your mistakes.

    13. Never put eyeliner on your eyelash curler!

    "Practice, pick a brand that works for you, hold your eye taut, and NEVER put eyeliner on your eyelash curler! It could make the lashes stick to it and pull them out!"

    —Naomi Burger, Facebook

    14. Don't believe the felt-tip hype.

    "Most people say that beginners should use a felt tip, but when I first started out I wasn't comfortable with it at all. But when I got a brush tip it was as if I saw a new light! It's all about what makes you feel comfortable and gives you the most dexterity. I use is the Lorac Front of the Line Pro liquid eyeliner or Kat Von D's tattoo liner.

    —Cat Lebosada, Facebook

    15. If you're really committed, tattoo it.

    16. Matte eyeshadow can greatly improve your eyeliner.

    17. Concealer > makeup remover when it comes to perfecting your wing.

    18. Kandee Johnson's tutorial will up your eyeliner game.

    19. Start with pencil and then top it off liquid eyeliner.

    20. Never hesitate when it comes to eyeliner.

    21. And just like everything else in life: Practice makes perfect.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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