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Rihanna's Long-Awaited Makeup Line Finally Has A Release Date

Fenty Beauty will be available globally Sept. 8!

Rihanna's long-awaited beauty line finally has an official release date: Sept. 8!

We are coming!!!! Countdown to September 8, 2017 starts now. Available globally at @Sephora + @HarveyNichols.…

The collection will be available at Sephora, Harvey Nichols, and Fenty Beauty.

Though there isn't much more information about what products the collection will include, RiRi has been dropping hints about it. An Instagram video surfaced in April where she claims she's wearing Fenty Beauty highlighter.

Instagram: @trendmood1

She's also been tagging Fenty Beauty on her recent red carpet pictures, implying she's testing out her new venture.

Instagram: @badgalriri

That glow!

She doesn't go into specifics, but it's plain to see whatever they're putting on her face looks amazing.

Instagram: @badgalriri

As expected, Fenty Beauty already has plenty of fans.

Fenty Beauty is about to storm the market. Sheesh.

Some are loyal to it even though they don't know what *it* actually is.

when a makeup artist tries to beat my face with any product not from #FentyBeauty

And they're asking beauty lovers to support Rih's line instead of Kylie's.


Others hope the line includes products for people with dark skin tones.

If #FentyBeauty dont have deep dark skin shades Imma start swinging I'm tellin ya rn

But the majority of people are ready and willing to let Rihanna take their money.

But Fenty beauty drops this fall n Imma give Rih all my coinz cus I know her makeup line going to be flawless

So keep an eye out for Sept. 8, because I'm sure everything will sell out quickly.

i literally do not need more eyeshadow palettes or makeup in general but wait until rih comes out with fentybeauty BITCH.

We're ready for you, Rih.

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