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22 Quizzes That Will Predict Your Future

We basically know it all.

1. Unsure of your career path? Put an interview outfit together and we'll guess your age and dream job.

2. If picking out an outfit isn't really your thing, we can also guess what you should major in, based on your favorite foods.

3. Or you can take this aptitude test which will reveal what your job should actually be.

4. Now, onto dating. Want to know if your next boyfriend will be a secretly-sweet badass or passionate athlete? Take this triangle quiz and find out!

5. Or you can pick your favorite of fast food items and we'll tell you if you'll end up with a hot doctor or an Instagram model.

6. Not satisfied with your results? Then take this quiz and find out which post 1-D member is your soulmate.

7. Are the 1-D lads not your cup of tea? Then rate these outfits from the '00s and we'll tell you who you'll marry.

8. Now get your Pinterest board ready because we're talking wedding stuff! Plan out a wedding menu and we'll tell you when you'll get engaged.

9. Wondering if you'll get a black diamond or an emerald? Just answer these makeup questions and we'll tell you.

10. Now let's talk about the main event! We know what your wedding theme will be based on your wedding dress opinions.

11. We also know who your celeb maid of honor will be! Just eat at a couple celebrity weddings and you'll know!

12. We can also tell you how big your wedding party will be, you just have to rate some bridesmaid dresses.

13. Wondering how many kids you'll have? We'll tell ya, you just have to order from the kids menu.

14. We also know *when* you'll have kids, just pick out an outfit from Target and voilà.

15. And of course, if you want to know what your kids will be like, we can also tell you that. All you have to do is rate these hipster baby names.

16. Now let's talk about moving and traveling! Ever wander which underrated city you belong in? We'll tell you right after you style an apartment.

17. Want to let your sense of style determine where you should move next, why not? Take this quiz and we'll tell you if you're more New York or Seoul.

18. Want to know which city you actually belong in? Take this very intense quiz and we'll guide you there.

19. If you're feeling like trash lately we can help. Take this quiz we'll tell you what big life change to make.

20. Want to know where you'll end up in five year? We also have the ability to tell you that, just tag yourself in some pictures.

21. Now on the the sad part. If you want to know how you'll die, build a bizarre meal and we'll tell ya. RIP.

22. And lastly, if you'll like to know where you'll end up after death, take this morality quiz and we'll reveal if you'll make it to the ~good place~ or nah.