People Are Not Thrilled About Kylie Jenner's Concealers

    "Why can’t they just let my good sis Rihanna have the credit and success she deserves."

    We're all familiar with Kylie Jenner by now, right? Reality star, youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling, realizer of things, and founder of the sometimes controversial Kylie Cosmetics.

    Turns out she recently announced Kylie Cosmetics will be dropping concealers in 30 different shades, but Twitter is *not* here for it.

    For starters, her swatches are a hot mess.

    these swatches of the kylie cosmetics concealers are absolute trash

    @makeupgirlies @kyliecosmetics It’s good if she’d swatch on darker skin colors :// the last 4 look the same on light skin.

    Some people are also claiming these are basically the same as the ColourPop concealers that have been around for a while.

    Y'all know Kylie cosmetics line is just colourpop with her name on it right?? These are the same concealers they pu…

    But most are accusing her of copying Rihanna's makeup line, Fenty Beauty, by emphasizing the 30 shades the concealer comes in. They think she's only doing it because now she knows diversity can be profitable. Not because she cares about inclusivity.

    Y’all really gonna give ur money to @kyliecosmetics’s they would’ve never included deeper shades if it wasn’t for…

    @katieforrestx @mothabey @MakeupIcon @kyliecosmetics Because Fenty was inclusive of women with different shades AND…

    @KylieJenner @kyliecosmetics It’s still ashy...I’ll stick with my @fentybeauty Don’t try to include us after the fa…

    @katieforrestx @MakeupIcon @kyliecosmetics lol we act that way bc the other companies make us look too ashy etc or…

    @mothabey @katieforrestx @MakeupIcon @kyliecosmetics Why can’t they just let my good sis Rihanna have the credit and success she deserves

    @f0lake The Kardashian’s are known for two things !

    @flopmances @realLKD @MakeupIcon @kyliecosmetics Girl don’t. Kylie’s range has been out for time and she never both…

    @ImLaVizzo @TheeOnlyOciera kylie cosmetics literally has been shaking since fenty dropped. i don’t even think compl…

    Kylie Jenner: FENTY Beauty Foundation, but make it concealer #KYLIECOSMETICS

    Some people came to Kylie's defense and argued that all brands can be inclusive, not just Rihanna's.

    @makeupgirlies @kyliecosmetics it’s good that brands are finally making an effort

    I can't believe Everyone is upset about Kylie cosmetics wide shade rage....Um isn't this what we want in every line? Not just one?

    @tragicactress @KayymDee @MakeupIcon @kyliecosmetics No it is impressive, there were brands with deep dark shades b…

    But I guess we'll have to wait and see if she addresses this ~kontroversy~.

    Me watching y’all argue about Kylie Cosmetics

    As I was writing this, more Kylie drama arose on Twitter. People are also dragging her for trying to sell a makeup brush kit for $360.

    @kyliecosmetics these better clean themselves, put on my makeup without me using my hands and clean up my whole life for that price

    @kyliecosmetics You are not Pat McGrath or Natasha Denona & even your fan base knows that. Have a seat.

    @kyliecosmetics these things look like they’re made of the hair from my cats ass, i’ve seen better sets for like 20…

    @kyliecosmetics $360? Did Jesus make them?

    Here's hoping 2018 is less dramatic.