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KFC Created A Fried Chicken Bath Bomb And I'm Struggling To Understand Why

Nothing like a relaxing, finger lickin' good bath bomb.

Anyone obsessed with at-home relaxation is probably a fan of bath bombs. And what's not to love? They smell amazing, they make your skin feel nice and moisturized, and they make bath water look like a work of art.

Due to their popularity, manufactures have creatively turned bath bombs into trendy products. There's something for everyone, from memes and Harry Potter, to goths and unicorns.

Just like bath bombs, fried chicken also helps me deal with stressful days, but I never though I'd see the two collide. Enter: KFC bath bombs.

You Can Now Smell Like Fried Chicken Thanks to This #KFC Drumstick Bath Bomb 🍗 Read more:

KFC recently partnered with Japanese retailer, Village Vanguard, to create limited-edition fried chicken-scented bath bombs. In other words, KFC will give 100 people the chance to basically bathe in chicken soup.

🎊激レアグッズ完成🎉 11月1日(水)から始まる #秘伝のコンビパック 発売記念キャンペーンの🎁が完成しました😃 なんと、今回は #ヴィレッジヴァンガード さんとコラボレーション❤ チキン型のこれ🍗いったいなーんだ❓…

To enter the contest, all you have to do is live in Japan, follow @KFC_jp, and retweet their original fried chicken bath bomb tweet.

You might be confused by this peculiar creation, but this isn't Village Vanguard's first ~unconventional~ bath bomb rodeo. They also sell ramen-scented bath powder, and pizza-scented bath powder.

Maybe it's time to spice things up in the bathroom.