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    Neon Makeup Is All Over Instagram And TBH I’m Here For It

    It's lit!

    Neon is something most people would associate with the '80s, South Beach, or a bail bonds sign. In other words, it probably isn't something you'd want to put on your face...until now.

    @openmindfreesoul /

    For this neon look, she used Kryolan's Aquacolor-UV Dayglow palette ($34).

    This neon makeup trend is blowing up on Instagram. Sure, it isn't the first time we've seen people wearing neon, but some makeup artists are taking it to another level of awesome.

    @marioncameleon /

    To re-create this look you'll need: Makeup For Ever's Artist Eyeshadow in Lime Green ($21), Stargazer's Neon Liquid Liner ($3.80), Jeffree Star's Drug Lord Lipstick ($18), and Sugarpill's Magenta Eyeshadow ($12).

    Some are using it to accentuate their eye makeup.

    @marioncameleon /
    @ashleighrenelle /

    Get the look with Morphe's 35B Palette ($19.99), NYX Cosmetics' Jumbo Eye Pencil ($4.49), and Urban Decay's Razor Sharp Liquid Liner in Bump ($22).

    Others are doing it to make their lips the center or attention.

    @genevievejauquet /

    For this bright lip, she used Jeffree Star's Lipstick in Weirdo, Prom Night, and Drug Lord ($18), and MAC Eyeshadow in Gesso ($16).

    And in some cases, they're going all out creating a full face of neon magic.

    @openmindfreesoul /
    @niky_rich /

    You'll only need two products for this ~electric~ look: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Pink Lust ($6.99), and NYX White Liquid Liner ($6.99).

    @alexandraclaremua /

    For this you'll need Illamasqua Anja Eyeshadow ($23), NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner ($6.99), and Lime Crime Milk Eyeliner in Blue ($14).

    So, would you be into making your face look like a Tracey Emin piece?