17 Shirts About Latinos, Ranked From Bad To Fucking Worse

    We looked for "Latinx t-shirts" online and realized the inventory is a hot, stereotypical mess.

    Hello, we're Greta and Daniela.

    While looking for ~cool~ Latinx t-shirts online recently, we were reminded that the internet is a weird place full of shitty jokes and stereotypes.

    Here are the shirts that pissed us off the most...

    17. This shirt that ~sorta~ makes sense:

    16. This weird tee:

    15. This tee with a message Celia Cruz would NOT approve of:

    14. This shirt that makes me want to light it on fire:

    13. This shirt that totally misses the point:

    12. This tank that totally oversimplifies:

    11. This tee that's just another stereotype:

    10. This tee that needs to go back to Spanish class:

    9. This "papi caliente" tee:

    8. This Spanglish fail shirt:

    7. This tee that's still on the "papi" bandwagon:

    6. This tee with its sweeping generalizations:

    5. This tee that makes me SMDM (shake my damn maracas):

    4. This ridiculous mess:

    3. This rude-ass shirt:

    2. This total nightmare of a tee:

    1. And lastly, this trash fire of apparel: