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    17 Shirts About Latinos, Ranked From Bad To Fucking Worse

    We looked for "Latinx t-shirts" online and realized the inventory is a hot, stereotypical mess.

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    Hello, we're Greta and Daniela.

    While looking for ~cool~ Latinx t-shirts online recently, we were reminded that the internet is a weird place full of shitty jokes and stereotypes.

    Here are the shirts that pissed us off the most...

    17. This shirt that ~sorta~ makes sense:

    Daniela: I like the message, I identify with it, I live it. Whether you're Latinx or not, arepas do make the world a better place. However, the execution is terrible. It looks like it was designed by a preschooler using Paint. Extra points for referring to arepas instead of tacos.

    Greta: As Daniela said, the design is terrible... arepas deserve better.

    16. This weird tee:

    Daniela: Maybe this is only meant to be funny after a few mojitos???? Idk. Is this a pronunciation joke? HELP!

    Greta: This is a great top for a person without personality.

    15. This tee with a message Celia Cruz would NOT approve of:

    Daniela: First of all, and I hate to be this person, but it's misspelled. It's azúcar with an acento, so yeah, I hate this shirt.

    Greta: +1 point for writing the inverted exclamation mark, -1 point for forgetting the written accent.

    14. This shirt that makes me want to light it on fire:


    Greta: Sí se puede.

    13. This shirt that totally misses the point:

    Daniela: I hate this shirt because it's part of that awful "keep calm" cult, but the fact that they replaced the crown with a fruit headpiece is hilarious. They were probably like: "Carmen Miranda wears fruits on her head, so it must be a Latinx thing."

    Greta: Perfect to wear with my fruit hat while I'm having a taco bowl for lunch.

    12. This tank that totally oversimplifies:

    Daniela: I hate this shirt because this is a lie. Tequila is no one's friend. Also, we drink other things too, you know. Venezuela and Nicaragua both produce amazing rum FYI. Colombia has aguardiente and Peru's pisco is dangerously delicious.

    Greta: First, this Spanish sentence needs an article. It should say: "El tequila es mi amigo." Second, you might need real friends if you have this in your closet.

    11. This tee that's just another stereotype:

    Daniela: This shirt is missing a taco and/or a sombrero. You know, because we're ALWAYS walking around yelling about how great tacos are and how we match our sombreros to our mustaches.

    Greta: "All generalizations are dangerous, even this one." —Alexandre Dumas

    10. This tee that needs to go back to Spanish class:

    Daniela: Another misspelled shirt missing crucial acentos. It should read: "¿Cómo están, bitches?" But who cares? Let's just put together the few words we remember from our middle school Spanish class and hope for the best, right?

    Greta: Plural, singular, mispelled Spanish, total nonsense... let's set that on fire.

    9. This "papi caliente" tee:

    Daniela: Personally, I hate the word "papi." Not all Latinos like to be referred to as "papi" just like not all Latinas like the word "mama." Also, why does everyone think we're smokin' and spicy? Are we all marinated in jalapeño juice in the womb?

    Greta: The ideal t-shirt to use during your cremation ceremony :)

    8. This Spanglish fail shirt:

    Daniela: I feel like Spanglish can be either really great or excruciatingly embarrassing. In this case it's the latter.

    Greta: "Fiesta" is not a verb.

    7. This tee that's still on the "papi" bandwagon:

    Daniela: Latinas be like...NOPE.

    Greta: I'm 99% sure that I have never said those words in my life.

    6. This tee with its sweeping generalizations:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    Daniela: LOOOOOL. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Do we have an off switch I didn't know about?

    Greta: I don't know how to dance tango, so I guess my latina mode is dead.

    5. This tee that makes me SMDM (shake my damn maracas):

    Daniela: This is only ok to wear if you lost a bet.

    Greta: La maraca is a pretty cool instrument; sadly this t-shirt doesn't know it.

    4. This ridiculous mess:

    Daniela: They tried to be funny, but failed. Also, enough with the hat and the mustache reference. We get it: You think we all look like Vicente Fernández.

    Greta: Bitchachos? Sombrero? Mustache? One thing's for certain: From top to bottom this t-shirt deserves an adiós.

    3. This rude-ass shirt:

    Daniela: UGH. This stupid shirt plays on the worst Latinx stereotype: All Latinas are crazy. Listen, I get it, we can joke about it from time to time, but only as long as you understand that being crazy isn't a "Latina thing." Also, some of us are calm AF, so stop generalizing.

    Greta: "Hahaha, OMG this is so funny," said no intelligent person, ever.

    2. This total nightmare of a tee:

    Daniela: Oh look, a sombrero + a taco, how rare and original!

    Greta: This happens to me all the time hehe.

    1. And lastly, this trash fire of apparel:

    Daniela: This is soooooo fucked up. If they really wanted to be clever and use "panic in Hispanic", they could've just used a picture of a La Llorona, El Chupacabra, and El Coco.

    Greta: Every year, hundreds of people die trying to cross the border, so no... I don't think this tee is funny at all.