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    Kylie Cosmetics Is About To Reach A Billion Dollars In Sales And I'm Still Paying Off My Student Loans

    Whether you like her or not, the numbers are impressive.

    If you think Kim Kardashian selling $14.4 million dollars worth of contour kits in five minutes was impressive, we gotta talk about Kylie Cosmetics for a sec.

    WWD reports Kim's youngest sibling, who launched her sometimes controversial makeup brand in 2015, is on her way to a billion dollars in sales.

    Yup. You read it right, BILLION, with a B.

    Wether we like it or not, the Kardashian-Jenner family has influenced the market more than we think and people are eager to buy whatever they're selling.

    In an interview with WWD, Kris Jenner revealed that in just 18 months, Kylie Cosmetics has made $420 million in retail sales.

    If that's not impressive enough, let's compare these numbers to other established beauty brands: It took Tom Ford Beauty a decade to reach $500 million, 25 years for Bobbi Brown to get to the billion dollar mark, and 80 years for Lancôme!

    Business is still booming for Kylie, whose sales will likely increase by 25% this year. That means her brand will make $386 million in 2017. If that pattern continues, Kylie Cosmetics will reach the billion dollar mark by 2022.

    You've come so far, Kylie!