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Kylie Jenner's New Reality Show Is Already In Trouble For Copying An Artist

Here we go again.

Anyone who knows anything about the Kardashians knows kontroversy is their bread and butter.


Every single family member has been involved some sort of legal drama at some point in their ~career~. Just last month, the Jenner sisters were dragged for selling vintage shirts with their faces over legendary rock and rap artists.


Now the youngest sibling's reality TV spinoff, The Life of Kylie, is under fire for the artwork used to promote the show.


Turns out, the neon lips used for promos is suspiciously similar to a piece created by artist Sara Pope in 2015. Here's a picture of Sara Pope's work, which she named "Temptation":

Sara Pope / Via

Here they are, side by side:

Kylie's version

Sara Pope's "Temptation"

If this feels like déjà vu, it's because just last year, Kylie was accused by makeup artist Vlada Haggerty of stealing her ideas.

According to TMZ, sources close to the production said Kylie had no involvement in selecting the lip design, which was created by a third party.

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