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This Girl Transformed Herself Into Kylie Jenner And It's So Good It's Creepy

And here I am, struggling to even out my eyeliner.

This is Hye-Min Park, better known as Pony Makeup. She's one of South Korea's most influential beauty bloggers with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.3 million followers on Instagram.

All of her tutorials are impressive, but she takes pop-culture cosplay to new levels with her jaw-dropping makeup transformations.

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Just look at how she morphs into Kylie Jenner.

No, she doesn't follow Kylie's 15-step makeup routine. She uses over 10 products to achieve the look, but nothing from the Kylie Cosmetics line.

Kris Jenner is probably trying to momager her RIGHT NOW.

Park also made a Taylor Swift transformation video, and the resemblance is uncanny and kinda scary.

I mean...holy shit.

If the beauty blogger thing doesn't work out for her, she definitely has a future as a celebrity impersonator.