If This Doesn't Make You Want A Hair Makeover, Nothing Will

    *Starts Pinterest board with pixie haircuts.*

    If you're not familiar with Jen Atkin, you're most likely familiar with her work. She's a hair wizard with an impressive clientele.

    Earlier this week, Atkin, who is also the founder of OUAI Haircare, gave nine fans a hair makeover.

    She documented the process on Instagram and the results will make anyone want to run to the salon:

    The people she picked complained they were in a hair rut and were ready for a change.

    "Rock a fringe, cut off that old energy from a bad relationship, grow your hair out if you're bored of it short, or learn to embrace your natural hair" Jen told her followers.

    She also asked women to stop hiding under their hair...

    ...And suggested people should try putting their insecurities aside in order to try new things.

    She also encouraged people to give out hair compliments to strangers, and donate hair if your can.

    Jen says everyone left with a huge smile on their face.

    Nothing like a great hair transformation.

    *Takes picture to next hair appointment.*