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Here Are The Style Trends Men And Women Hate The Most

Of course, fedoras made the cut.

Our good friends from the Hater app (a dating app that matches people based on things they hate), shared some new data with us.

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In the past they've told us which foods each state hates the most. This time, they dug into what men and women hate when it comes to style. Some of the results are expected, while others are a little more surprising.

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For instance, it's safe to say lot of people probably agree with women in their 20s, who absolutely hate fedoras.

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Women in their 30s are not into festival fashion at all.

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And if you're looking to get a compliment from a 40-something-year-old, then steer clear of skinny ties.

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Here's all the info they gave us:


When it comes to men, shocker, teenagers aren't into women wearing turtlenecks.

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Men in their 30s are over the Snapchat dog filter.


And of course, no surprise here, men in their 50s hate when women wear too much makeup. Like they even have a clue about it.

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Here's the complete info:

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