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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Copa America 2015

The rules, the groups, the rankings, and more.

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A history of the past champions:

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Team that has won the most championships: Uruguay (15)

Team that has won the most games: Argentina (112)

Team that has lost the most games: Chile (82)

Teams that have never won a Copa América: Chile, Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, United States, and Venezuela.

12 countries participate in the tournament and are split into 3 groups.

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The twelve countries participating will be divided in three groups:

Group A





Group B





Group C





Team rankings:

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Each number represents the team's FIFA ranking:

Argentina (3)

Colombia (4)

Brazil (5)

Uruguay (8)

Chile (19)

Mexico (23)

Ecuador (31)

Peru (61)

Jamaica (65)

Venezuela (72)

Paraguay (85)

Bolivia (89)

The rules:

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The tournament is divided in 4 phases.

Group phase: All the teams in each group play against each other.

3 points per won game.
1 point if it’s a tie.
0 points per lost game.

The two first place teams of each group as well as the two third place teams of all groups will classify to the Quarter-finals.

If two or more teams end up with the same amount of points, this is how the winner is determined:

- Goal difference in all group matches.
- Greater number of goals scored in all group matches.
- Head-to-head result (between two teams only).

Quarter-finals: During the quarter finals, a team can't play against any other teams from their group in the previous phase. The winners of each match move on to the semifinals.

Semifinals: The winners of the semifinals move on to the finals, and the losers play to win third place.

The final: Two teams will play to try to win first place.


Mascot and ball:

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The official Copa America mascot is a fox named Zincha, a mix between the word zorro (fox in spanish) and hincha (fan in spanish).

The official ball was named Cachaña, which is chilean slang for dribble or dodge.

Official song:

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The official song of tournament is called Al Sur del Mundo (South of the World), interpreted by the chilean group, Noche de Brujas.

The favorites to win it all:


Argentina came within a few minutes of winning the World Cup last year so it's no surprise that the Leo Messi led-squad is a favorite to win it all this year. Not to mention, Carlos Tevez is back on the team and Sergio Aguero is in full form.


But don't count out the home team either!

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Chile will have UEFA Champ Claudio Bravo in net, Copa Italia Champ Arturo Vidal in midfield, and FA Cup Champ Alexis Sanchez in attack.

So many champs, so little time.