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    This Tweet About Women Wanting Clothes With Pockets Is Hilariously Relatable

    Dresses with pockets are the only kind of dresses we deserve.

    Fashion trends aren't always kind to women.

    I get it, it's ~art,~ but sometimes it seems like some trends are imposed without taking into consideration logical, and functional needs.

    Exhibit A: Right now it's all about the terrifyingly high-cut one-pieces that look great, but are probably not doing your vagina any favors.

    But the most tragic thing the fashion industry is responsible for is the lack of pockets in women's clothing. Like, just give us freaking pockets already!!!!

    Author Delilha Dawson tweeted about the pocket struggle, and her sentiment resonated so many people that she got over 23,000 likes and 7,000 re-tweets. DAMN.

    exec: So what do we think women want in fashion? women: Pocke-- exec: Cold shoulder tops in pastels. Got it. women: Pock-- exec: Clothes with pre-made holes in delicate fabrics. women: Po-- exec: Cut-outs in flabby areas. Good. women: POCKET-- exec: Shapes that require new bras!

    Twitter: @DelilahSDawson

    And as expected, the replies are hilarious...

    @DelilahSDawson The other day I realized my baby had functioning pockets and I had fake ones... WHAT IS A BABY GOING TO DO WITH POCKETS?

    Twitter: @DelilahSDawson

    Because there's truly no better feeling that discovering that a dress you already loved has pockets!

    @DelilahSDawson You should have seen the pure joy and happiness on my niece's face when, while showing off her prom dress and checking out the tulle underskirts, she discovered POCKETS! Functional pockets with enough room for phone, purse, makeup. Even a small camera.

    Twitter: @DelilahSDawson

    And compliments are easier to take when you got one hand in your pocket.

    @KatanaSundancer @DelilahSDawson I swear to God that every time you compliment a woman on a dress she will always point out if it has pockets!!!!!1

    Twitter: @DelilahSDawson

    Some people refuse to put up with a pocketless closet and take matters into their own hands.

    @DelilahSDawson this is 60% of the reason i learned to sew. i put pockets in every.single.garment.

    Twitter: @DelilahSDawson

    And others strive to become the fashion hero we desperately need.

    @DelilahSDawson Met a seamstress who wants to travel around with a sewing machine giving women pockets in their clothes. She'd be such a hero.

    Twitter: @DelilahSDawson

    Can someone start a petition already???