22 Celebrities Who Slayed The Met Gala Theme This Year

    We love celebs who stick to the theme.

    1. Katy Perry dressed like a fallen angel.

    2. Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a freaking nativity head piece!!!

    3. Janelle Monae is giving us bad pope vibes.

    4. If saints looked like Chadwick Boseman, church attendance would skyrocket.

    5. Zendaya is giving us Joan of Arc realness.

    6. With a little help from Twitter, Solange came to slay.

    7. Cardi B looks like a painting of Virgin Mary came to life.

    8. J.Lo truly looks blessed.

    9. SZA looks like a pastel-colored saint.

    10. Kate Bosworth looks like someone I'd light a candle to.

    11. Jordan Roth looks like an incredibly stylish cardinal.

    12. Madonna looks like a catholic goth queen.

    13. Emilia Clarke brought some bb angels with her.

    14. Greta Gerwig looks like an avant-garde nun.

    15. Stella Maxwell came in with a Virgin Mary collage.

    16. Cara Delevingne looks like a confessional partition.

    17. Lily Collins is crying blood, just like the virgin.

    18. Taylor Hill looking like she's ready to bless some wine.

    19. Jared Leto looks like Jesus so it's not even fair.

    20. Ariana Grande looks like Sistine Chapel.

    21. We love bedazzled blazers that also happen to be on theme, Darren Criss.

    22. And of course, the queen of sticking to and slaying the theme: Rihanna!