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Can You Find The Hidden Emojis In These Outfits

*Gets closer to the screen.*

1. Can you find the emoji in this ~lumbersexual~ kit?

Here it is:

2. Do you see anything that doesn't belong to this colorful outfit?

Here ya go:

3. Anything odd within these folded t-shirts?

Don't get crabby, here it is:

4. Can you spot the one thing that's not supposed to be here?

I know you're bright, but here it is anyway:

5. Where's the emoji here?

Here's the answer:

6. What's this outfit hiding?

This beautiful emoji:

7. Can you spot the clandestine emoji?

Oh, there it is:

8. Anything odd here?

Found it:

9. What is this lady hiding?

This hot emoji:

10. How about this pretty summer dress?

Here it is: