17 BuzzFeed Quizzes You Should Take If You're Obsessed With Lipstick

    "Give someone the right lipstick and they will conquer the world." –Ancient proverb, probably.

    2. This Test Will Reveal Your Perfect Lipstick And Your Actual Personality

    3. Which Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Could You Pull Off Best?

    5. What's Your Makeup IQ?

    9. Can You Shop At Sephora Without Blowing Your Budget?

    10. Do You Know How To Fix These Simple Beauty Problems?

    11. Pick Your Favorite Makeup And We'll Tell You What You Should've Been Named

    13. Which Beauty Trend Must Go?

    14. What Sort Of Beauty Addict Are You?

    15. This Color Test Will Tell You Which Makeup Brand To Use

    16. Your Makeup Choices Will Reveal What Era You Actually Belong In

    17. Can You Tell Which Girl Is Wearing Drugstore Lipstick?