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Everyone Hates This Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts Recipe And It's Hilarious

This will bring everyone together in these trying times.

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be spent with loved ones, eating everything in sight, and avoiding getting asked why you're still single. It can also be a time of tension and conflict for some families because of politics and current events, but this recipe by the New York Times has the power to bring people together.

Why? Well, turns out they shared this Brussels sprouts slider recipe and everyone hates it.

Your new favorite Thanksgiving appetizer: brussels sprouts sliders

The recipe was originally published in 2014 and retweeted by the Times just now.

The dish is described as "a creative and fun way to enjoy a great fall and winter vegetable." The sprouts are used as the buns, and there are caramelized onions, tangy mustard, and savory tempeh between them. Though it sounds fancy and healthy, no one is impressed.

Most people passionately reject the new dish:

@nytimes I would rather eat my own fingers.

And are very confused:

Others are worried this recipe could potentially ruin the most important US holiday of the year:

@nytimes Why y'all trying to ruin Thanksgiving?

@nytimes #PSA On behalf of everyone, Thanksgiving is NOT the time nor place to try out a recipe you found on Facebo…

And they also point out the dangerous side effects serving this can cause:

While others chose this time to remember another catastrophic recipe:

@nytimes At last, something peas won’t ruin.

BUT despite all the hate, there was some love:

All the replies are like 🤢 and yeah yeah yeah, but I will fully admit that I would devour these little guys non-stop

@nytimes I love Brussels Sprouts!! There, I said it.