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Beauty Vloggers Are Hating On Kylie Jenner's $360 Brush Kit

"This brush bag is a joke."

There's a compilation video going around Twitter, where a group of very influential beauty vloggers review Kylie Jenner's infamous $360 brush set, and it seems like no one is impressed.

In case you missed it, Kylie announced she was releasing a $360 brush set, and the internet went wild. She responded by explaining why they were so expensive, which only made matters worse after she compared her brand to other iconic and established makeup companies.

@KylieJenner Kylie honey I love you but Mac and Kevin Aucoin have been around a long time. They had earn the privil…

The video has over 1.3 million views and it features Jeffree Star, Manny Mua, James Charles, and Laura Lee reviewing and ultimately kinda hating on the expensive-ass brushes.

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Jeffree Star was definitely not a fan of the brush set and thought the packaging looked cheap.

And didn't give them the Jeffree Star seal of approval.

Though he liked how some of the brushes felt, Star didn't think they were worth the hefty price tag.

Like Jeffree Star, Manny Mua started off by saying the brush holder looked cheap.

He then started breaking down the prices of each individual brush, and was shocked at how expensive they were. Manny, who is developing a makeup brand and knows how much things cost, claims Kylie Jenner could've sold these brushes for way cheaper.

He finished the video by saying the brushes felt nice and worked well, but just because something works, it doesn't mean it needs to be that expensive.

Just like Jeffree Star, Laura Lee thought the brush holder looked like it came from the dollar store.

Though she also liked how the brushes felt as she applied her makeup, she didn't think that justified the price.

At the end of her video she shared dupes and ultimately concluded that though the brushes felt nice, she would never spend $360 on them.

James Charles was shook by how expensive these brushes were from the get-go, and anticipated he probably wouldn't think they were worth it. He did half of his face using Kylie's brushes, and the other half using dupes.

Though he wasn't a big fan of the brushes, he did praise Kylie for her hard work and overall great products.

At the end of the video James confessed he didn't think the brushes were worth it, especially after using dupes which performed as well, if not better, than Kylie's brushes.

Whether you think these vloggers are hating just to get clicks, or they're actually being honest, I think most people agree that $360 seems to be kinda crazy for a brand that has only been around for two years.