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    19 Beauty Products That Will Make You Say "Damn That's Good Packaging"

    Cute and functional!

    1. Not only does the One Step Moisture Up Pad from Cosrx have an adorable hipster man on their packaging, it will also hydrate, exfoliate, and leave you with silky smooth skin.

    Soko Glam

    Promising review: "I love these pads so much. They're not harsh to the skin and don't make me break out. I have really acne-prone oily skin. These actually give you that moisture they promise without your skin feeling heavy or greasy. And on top of that it lightly exfoliates your face too. After I use them my skin has a healthier look, it feels more moisturized and its softer. Will be buying more ASAP." —Samantha V

    Get it from Soko Glam for $19.

    2. Tony Moly's Honey Moisture Liptone Lip Care Sticks are packaged like Pantone colors and will hydrate your lips with oils that lock in moisture.,

    Promising review: "I first received this product in an Ipsy back almost a year ago. I put it on when I wake up and before bed nightly, I was almost completely out-I was starting to have to dig what was left out of the tube. It's been out of stock on amazon for months, seriously I would check all the time. Finally saw it was back in stock and ordered a tube in mint. 100% the BEST product I've ever received from Ipsy and I am so happy it's back in stock. My lips are so soft when using this." —crudy702

    Get it from Amazon for $10.

    3. Skinfood's Avocado & Sugar Lip Scrub is the cutest, millennial-approved lip scrub out there.

    Soko Glam

    Promising review: "Not only is this super cute, but it’s super effective in exfoliating all the dead skin off my chapped lips. I don’t find it abrasive either. Will repurchase when I run out!" —Bethany P

    Get it from Soko Glam for $8.

    4. The Saved By The Bell Liquid Lipsticks from Sola Look have a metallic finish with a touch of nostalgia.

    Promising review: "I bought this for my best friend who loves lipsticks and of course Saved by the Bell! She loved this! The colors were beautiful and she loved how they felt on her lips. She also loved the awesome packaging! It was a perfect gift for my bestie." —Kari McFadden

    Get them from the Sola Look website for $40.

    5. Tony Moly's Panda's Dream Smudge Out Mascara will make your makeup bag look cuter and your lashes longer.

    Soko Glam

    Promising review: "I have literally tried every lengthening mascara out there and this is by far the best I have yet to use. I can’t even believe how lengthening, inky black and perfect this is. Get it RIGHT NOW!" —Carrie H

    You can get it from Soko Glam for $15.

    6. theBalm's Nude 'Beach Eyeshadow Palette is highly pigmented and comes in cheeky, creative packaging.

    Promising review: "This palette has those beautiful copper, orange, and peachy pigments that I was lacking in my collection. It's so beautiful and is exactly what I wanted. I will post swatches later but I just had to review because people need to know about this great palette!"— Karen BBH

    You can get it from Amazon for $34.20.

    7. Tony Moly's Petite Bunny Gloss Bar is an adorable lippie with a little tint and a ton of moisture.

    Soko Glam

    Promising review: "So not only is the Tony Moly lip gloss bar cute, it's actually pretty good quality too. It's moisturizing, not sticky, and has a light enough tint. It's not overly pigmented, which is part of why I loved it. I bought one for each of my bridesmaids and one for me to try and I know they are going to love them." —Ashley S

    You can get it from Soko Glam for $8.

    8. Plant Apothecary's Organic Body Wash will remind you of a Marvin Gaye song and it'll leave you with smooth, smooth skin.

    Promising review: "Love the scent and the rich lather of this body wash. I have super dry skin and this leaves me feeling moisturized and ready for the GET IT ON body oil I apply afterward." —Sarah S

    Get it from from Plant Apothecary for $20.

    9. The Peripera Peri's Cushion Lips packaging will remind you of something you might've had in a pencil case, but instead of highlighting words on a text book, it'll give you bold, colorful lips.

    Soko Glam

    Promising review: "I have two shades of this, and I love how versatile and buildable it is. Tap on a little bit for a cute gradient look, or squeeze out a lot more for a full cover matte lipstick look. It stays on remarkably well while eating and drinking, and is very moisturizing. My favorite is PK08, I have very pale skin and it immediately perks up my face even if I'm not wearing any other makeup!" —Kathleen

    You can get it from Soko Glam for $12.60.

    10. Reverie's Cake Restorative Scalp Tonic looks chic and minimalistic, and it'll give you thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

    Promising review: "I've been using cake for a while now and can't even describe how its changed my hair. It looks and feels so much healthier and full than before. My scalp also seems to get oily less quickly and looks and feels clean for longer. Worth every penny. I also gave this product to my mom who has very thin hair, she's been using it for about 6 months. She says her hair looks thicker and fuller and feels stronger." —JavierMakeup

    You can get it from Sephora for $72.

    11. Besides looking like an actual snack, Klair's Manuka Honey & Choco Body Soap will also help you reduce acne and bacne.

    Soko Glam

    Promising review: "Purchased while I was in Seoul. I actually noticed the biggest difference when I skipped the shower puff and just used the bar on my body directly. I've seen maybe about a 90% reduction on my chest of acne and maybe 70% for my back. It also smells amazing. You can cut the bar in half or into six with the lines in it to keep it lasting longer, but i found that to be a bit annoying and liked the bar the size it is. I prefer this to body washes now." —Cristina

    Get it from Soko Glam for $10.90.

    12. Tony Moly's Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid might come in cute packaging, but make no mistake, it's tough on calluses.

    Soko Glam

    Promising review: "This is undoubtedly a wonder. With two hard calluses, one on each big toe due to playing tennis, your product has made a difference. I have used your product twice, doing the applications one month apart, and have seen the calluses soften and slowly peel away. (That's how thick my calluses have become). Thank you for this product and the ease in the way it is applied." —Laura J

    Get it from Soko Glam for $14.

    13. PaiPai's semi-matte lipsticks are long-lasting, pigmented, and come in the most unique packaging that celebrates Mexican culture.,

    Promising review: "Pai Pai is a Mexican brand inspired by the country's rich culture, and their lipsticks stay on forever! I even drank coffee and tea, and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized there wasn't even a lipstick stain on the mug." —Daniela

    You can get them from the PaiPai website for $13.91.

    14. Tony Moly's Peach Hand Cream might remind you of your favorite emoji and fruit, and it'll leave your hands soft and moisturized.

    Soko Glam

    Promising review: "I love this peach hand cream. It's not too heavy. It has a light peachy scent and leaves your skin moisturized and smooth. Not sticky at all. I hope they sell it in a full size because I'd like to get more of it." —Annette d

    Get it from Soko Glam for $14.

    15. As the packaging alludes, everyone wants to get their hands on the R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray.

    Promising review: "This. Stuff. Smells. Amazing! Their graphic design game is on point, and the hold is pretty great too. So If you haven't tried it already, well...*Shia LaBeouf voice* 'just do it!' It'll be the best decision you make all day." —AJ

    You can get it from Amazon for $30.

    16. If you're looking for a gentle exfoliator that happens to look like a cute egg, then Holika Holika's Gudetama Lazy & Easy Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel is the product for you.

    Promising review: "This is the gentlest exfoliating gel I've ever used! Plus, this gel really shines as a part of my 10-step Korean skin care routine. My skin feels fresh, toned, and bright. I only use this gel 2 times per week in conjunction with TONYMOLY sheet masks. I will continue to get this Holika Holika exfoliating gel for as long as they make it. Love, love, love it!" —Marilyn Torres

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    17. Etude House's Dear Darling Water Gel will become the lip tint of your dreams.

    Promising review: "Exceeded my expectations! 😍 I've been looking for a cute watery lip tint and this is simply perfect. The shine and the gloss of it makes it look so nice on the lips. It smells like watermelon and the color is just adorable. Definitely one of my faves. The stain doesn't hold up well after a meal, but it's such a nice lip product that I don't mind having to reapply." —Aileen

    Get it from Amazon for $7.

    18. Etude House's My Beauty Tool Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicon Brush will be the cutest, and hardest working cleansing tool in your bathroom cabinet.

    Promising review: "Adding this to an ever-growing list of things I never knew I needed. My skin is very sensitive, so most exfoliating is too rough for me; this little guy is perfect! Worked up a really nice lather, and left my skin soft and smooth without turning it bright red. The massage side is really nice, too. And it’s so cute!" —Michelle D

    Get it from Amazon for $7.02.

    19. And the Anese That Booty Tho scrub will help you get rid of booty acne and unwanted bumps.

    Promising review: "This is seriously one of the best skin care products I’ve ever purchased. I have always had rough, bumpy, acne prone skin all over my chest, back, and yes, even sometimes my booty. It’s such an embarrassing thing to deal with, and I have tried countless products to try to get rid of it. Products like proactive have at least helped to bring it down, but nothing has completely gotten rid of the bumps, scarring, or roughness. Literally after one use with this product I could see a difference. My skin was SO much smoother! After about two weeks of using every few days, combined with my normal acne care routine, my acne was almost completely gone and my skin was bump free, glowing, and the softest it has ever been. I don’t think I will ever stop using this product, seriously one of the best purchases I have ever made!" —Emily

    Get it from Anese for $28.

    Here's to quality products with cool packaging!