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    20 Mom-Certified Beauty And Style Tips Everyone Should Learn

    Ponds cold cream forever!

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their mom's best beauty and style tips. Here’s what they had to say:

    Please note: Consult a doctor before making any huge changes to your diet or routine.

    1. If you want your baby to grow up to have thick, healthy hair, drinking coconut water while you're pregnant may help.

    "Drinking pure coconut water is good for your hair, and for your fetus' hair as well when you are pregnant. My 70-something grandma, and 50-something mom still have their thick and shiny black hair." —nadiapa

    *Make sure you consult a physician before changing your diet during pregnancy.

    2. Taking a bath with essential oils can help you relax and reduce stress-induced acne.

    "Pamper yourself with a hot bath with essential oils once a week. Apparently the hot water clears up your skin, and it also helps you to relax, which results in less stress-related wrinkles and acne. I suffer from really bad stress-induced acne, so I like to use lavender oils and it has honestly helped me so much! I definitely recommend following my mother's advice, if you suffer from any stress-induced skin problems." —catsienna03

    3. A toothbrush and hairspray can become your new eyebrow kit.

    "My mother is a makeup artist and she swears by this simple hack: take a toothbrush dedicated to beauty purposes, spray a little hairspray on it, and then use it to shape eye brows and slick down hairs without them being crunchy. She once got in trouble at a the store she worked at because she told a customer who wanted to buy an expensive brow kit about it." —justineh439e13e5f

    4. Need an eye cream and healthy lashes? Just get some Vaseline!

    "My mom and grandma both put Vaseline around their eyes and on their eyelashes because they swear it keeps wrinkles away and helps your lashes stay healthy!" —jesynelson11

    5. Olive oil can be great for salads...and removing makeup.

    "Always use olive oil to take off your makeup! When I started wearing makeup I would get really frustrated that there was still makeup leftover after going IN with a makeup remover wipe and she said to use about a nickel size amount of olive oil! For three reasons: It completely removes all the makeup, it doesn’t leave your face feeling like it’s dry and oily at the same time, and because it allegedly helps prevent wrinkles from forming. I don't know about the last one but it completely removed my makeup and I wasn’t breaking out." —laurenbrownjpg

    6. If putting olive oil on your face scares you, you can baby oil instead.

    "My mother used baby oil to take off her eye makeup her entire life. She’ll be 60 in June and looks like she’s still in her early 40s! Take off your makeup and stay out of the sun, everyone." —nicole

    7. Good quality products will be better in the long run, so invest in yourself.

    "Always use good products. My paternal grandmother swears by Lancôme. My mother isn't set on one brand, but she always says that she would rather spend a bit more for good products that work. Both look younger than their age." —kshepp10

    8. Coconut oil will fix your credit score, clear your skin, and make you inmune to the effects of mercury retrograde.

    "Coconut oil for bruises, sprained ankles, rashes, hair... literally everything. Coconut oil and kombucha for bug bites, which I'm not sure counts as a beauty tip but REALLY helps decrease pain and swelling." —iLeftMyHeartInNarnia

    9. Never forget to wear earrings with your outfit.

    "This is my grandmother's thing: never leave the house without earrings on. Don't know why, but apparently she never let my mother go out without them and to this day she never does. I never do either but that's because I have multiple piercings and I've had to get my lobes resowed three times." —Anonymous

    10. Dove soap and Olay are staples for most moms.,

    "My mom and grandma swore by Dove soap and using Oil of Olay moisturizer on the face. They both had beautiful, glowing skin and never a single zit or blemish. Even the oil-free Olay is too much for my greasy-ass skin but I still stand by using only Dove soap." —trixiemattelseyebrows

    11. Sometimes, beauty isn't beautiful.

    "My mom’s number one rule when I was growing up was beauty is pain." —Gabrielle3493

    12. Protect your skin from the sun ALWAYS!

    "Sunscreen! All the time, everyday. Also hats. Basically her motto is protect your skin at all costs. She uses moisturizer with sunscreen everyday and always brings a hat if she knows she'll be outside for a while. It works! At 59 she barely has a wrinkle." —georgiam4db829e1e

    13. A large glass of hot water with a splash of rose water will have you looking fab at 50 and 75.


    "My mom and grandma look phenomenal and no one ever believes that my mom is almost 50 and my grandma has already past 75. Their secret is this: a large glass of hot water in the morning every morning with a splash of rose water. They say that it kick-starts the body every morning and keeps everything functioning smoothly, which makes them look and feel young and healthy. This is a recent picture of my mom, and for context, I’m 24 and my brother is 26." —EnglishMajor93

    14. Bathe in Aquaphor if you want to wake up with flawless skin.

    "Slather your face in Aquaphor before you sleep. You’ll wake up with baby soft skin." —allierosexoxo

    15. Undergarments matter! Make sure you're wearing the right kind.

    "Clothing comes in all sorts of different cuts. So do bras and underpants. Nothing can throw off a look like panties cutting in to your muffin top in a form fitting dress or an errant bra strap in a sleeveless/backless/low-cut top." —wilsonklh

    16. Rub your moisturizer in an upwards motion to keep your skin from sagging.

    "My mom always reminded me how important skin care was. That buying nicer brand skincare that actually works is worth the splurge. A tip she gave me from the first time I used moisturizer when I was young was to always rub it in in upwards motions. This keeps from dragging your skin down and making it saggy as you get older. And I have to say, especially compared to other women in their mid-fifties, she looks great and has the softest, barely wrinkled skin!" —evaw4a998b3c2

    17. If you want to look taller, dress in the same color from head to toe.

    "My mom was watching some talk show and they had a guest speaker mention how if you’re short you should wear the same color to appear taller. She took it too literally and would wear the same shade, shoes to headwear." —Brett

    18. Moisturizing every morning and night is a must!

    "My mom always told me to use a morning and evening moisturizer. She suggested Olay, but I’ve been using Clinique since I was 12. I’m 27 now, and everyone swears I look no older than 20. Take care of your face and body!" —samm470d2f877

    19. A classic but goodie: Ponds cold cream can be used as pretty much everything.

    "Ponds cold cream as a makeup remover, a face wash, an eye cream and a moisturizer. She has the softest skin so maybe there’s something to it?" —tamir4f72dcaf1

    20. And apparently, hemorrhoid cream will make your skin look wrinkle-free forever (or at least until you're 86).

    "She's not my grandma, but this elderly woman at my church who has FLAWLESS skin, (I'm talking not a wrinkle on her face at all even though she's 86), swears by putting Preparation H on her face every night. I mean, it's meant to reduce inflammation and treat hemorrhoids, so why would it not do the same for your face? Just remember to wipe it off in the morning!" —shelbiereese14

    Brb, gotta go try all of this.

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