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22 Simple Costumes For People Who Love To Wear Black

Black is such a happy color!

1. If you're into ~artsy fartsy~ characters, you can try dressing up as pop art visionary, Andy Warhol.

Instagram: @meninolambrini

All you need is a white wig, sunglasses, a Campbell's soup can, and a camera.

2. Play "Moon River" in the background and transform into Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Instagram: @mrsgreatnews

All you need is a little black dress, pearls, gloves, and just go stand by a Tiffany's with a croissant in hand.

3. You can be either Gretchen or Karen from Mean Girls. In other words, a cat or mouse, duh.

Instagram: @wildrosy66

You'll only need cat or mouse ears, and a ~sexy~ black outfit.

4. You know you can't go wrong imitating Rihanna. Copy this look from her Anti release party and you'll have a stylish Halloween.

Instagram: @blackwomenincostume

You'll need black lipstick, and a red balloon.

5. If you want to dress like homicidal maniac who hates everything, try the Wednesday Addams look.

Instagram: @beserk

All you need is a black dress or skirt and sweater, black lipstick, and any props you'd like to enhance your costume.

6. Or you can go as Wednesday's mother, Morticia Addams.

Instagram: @feature_my_stuff

All you need is a long-sleeved shirt or dress, long black wig, and red lips.

7. Want to go for something more ~traditional~? How about a couple of vampires?

Instagram: @irene_joestar

Wear black head to toe, just invest on some fake blood and fangs.

8. Or a skeleton, another Halloween staple, easy enough for anyone who can put together a black outfit.

Instagram: @kieraeileenphotography

You'll just need some makeup and face paint.

9. Looking for something timeless? A good ol' witch costume will never go out of style!

Instagram: @bcbgbloomingdalesatlenox

You can decide what kind of witch you want to be. Are you more of a Sabrina The Teeange Witch kind of person? Or are you more of an American Horror Story kind of witch? The possibilities are endless.

10. If you're a potterhead, you can dress like Bellatrix Lestrange or Professor Snape.

Instagram: @katvonruiz

All black everything, you'll just need to style your hair and get a wand. Mini Dobby optional.

11. If you're reaaaaally into It but don't want to invest in a Halloween costume this year, you can still dress up as clown. Just not a colorful one.

Instagram: @deadlydisguises

For this look, all you really need is a great tutorial, face and body paint, and fake blood.

12. If you always wore black when you were alive, then you'd probably wear black as a zombie, too.

Instagram: @fancydresscom

You'll just have to invest on some face paint and fake blood.

13. Still having Game of Thrones withdrawals? Turn yourself into a gothy Jon Snow

Instagram: @emp_spain

Just dress all in black, get a fake sword, and maybe an Ikea rug to drape over your shoulders.

14. Prefer something a bit more evil? Dress as Cersei, you know, right after she killed everyone that one time.

Instagram: @asaturdayschild

A long-sleeved dress would be ideal, but you can always pair a black skirt and long-sleeved shirt too. Finish off the look with a crown, gold chains, and the ambition to destroy all your enemies.

15. Or you can honor a different kind of queen by dressing like Selena this year. The original Selena.

Instagram: @beautyninja__

To dress like the Queen of Tejano music you'll need high-waisted pants, an embellished bralette, and the perfect red lip.

16. Are you over Disney princesses? Show villains some love and dress up as Ursula.

Instagram: @madorin_

You'll need a black strapless dress, a grey wig, and purple accents.

17. Or you can dress as one of the most sophisticated villains of all time, Cruella de Vil.

Instagram: @posh

You'll need a black outfit, spray on white hair color, gloves, and a faux fur vest or jacket.

18. Edward Scissorhands is a pretty simple costume for anyone who loves '90s movies.

Instagram: @diclonius_maddy

All you need is a black outfit, a makeup tutorial, and child-proof scissors.

19. If you also miss '90s cartoons, you can dress up as Daria's sidekick, Jane Lane.

Instagram: @blackwomenincostume

You'll need a black outfit, combat boots, and a red blazer.

20. Speaking of the '90s, this year you and your friends can totally win a costume contest if you dress as TLC in their "No Scrubs" video.

Instagram: @blackwomenincostume

For this you'll need leather pants, a bralette or cut-out bodysuit, and fierce hair and makeup.

21. Are you more of a "no pants are my favorite kind of pants" person? Great, then you can dress as Beyoncé in her "Single Ladies" video!

Instagram: @dancepartyexperience

All you need is a black leotard. Bonus points if you learn the dance!

22. And if you're over 2017 already and prefer to flip people off as part of your costume, then dress as "Formation" Beyoncé.

Instagram: @nathaliaernesto

You'll need a hat, statement necklace, and two middle fingers.

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