This Modeling Agency Is Battling Stereotypes By Hiring People In Their Mid-Forties And Older

    Age ain't nothing but a number!

    The fashion and beauty industries haven't always been the most forgiving or inclusive places for people over a certain age. In one way or another, we're constantly being told beauty and youth go hand in hand. But things are changing, finally. Major brands like COVERGIRL, are featuring older models, like 69-year old Maye Musk.

    And now, there's a Russian agency called Oldushka, which only hires people over the age of 45. This is a pretty bold move, especially in an industry in which most models don't end up working past 30.

    The agency started as blog by photographer Igor Gava. He initially intended for it to be a photography project for which he'd snap pictures of retired people and their style, but he quickly started getting many requests from photographers and brands asking for help finding models, so the agency was born.

    Oldushka is only a little over a year old, but it already has more than a dozen models between 46 and 80 years old. And these models did not come to play! They've been hired for catalogs, magazines, and catwalks.

    I mean...just look at Olga, who is 72, posing for Glamour Russia.

    And here she is again, walking down the Ketione runway.

    Ivan, 53, is killing his OOTD pose.

    Tatyana, 61, is smizing all the way to the top.

    And I don't know about you, but I'll never be as cool as 62-year-old Valentina.

    Victor, 73, is eyebrow and hat goals.

    At 46, Sergei is the youngest model at the agency.

    And Irina, who is 80, is oldest model at Oldushka.

    Can't wait to see more of these models!