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    Danie's Awesome Advice: Anxiety

    We all have it; we might as well try to combat it

    1. Take Some Deep Breaths

    This is easy and effective. Deep breaths will calm you down and make that big stressor seem much smaller.

    2. Get Yourself Laughing

    Anything that makes you laugh (a tv show, youtube video, etc.) will get your mind off of that stressor. Also, laughing will put you in a much better mood.

    3. Talk To Someone About Your Anxiety

    Sometimes, keeping everything bottled up creates even worse anxiety. If you tell someone, like a friend or parent, what you are stressed about, they might be able to rationalize it, or make it seem less scary.

    4. If It Is Specific To One Task: Just Do It

    Who knows, maybe you will even enjoy the task at hand. (But even if you don't, it will at least be done.)

    5. Get Help

    Sometimes, anxiety won't go away without professional help. There are probably a lot of wonderful psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists who want to help you out.

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