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    We're Not Quite Sure Why You Don't Own These 27 Amazing Target Products Yet

    Today is the day you learn the Revlon One Step Volumizer is as good as the Dyson Airwrap.

    1. An adorable picnic blanket in the shape of your favorite summer snack to make a real *statement* at your next park day.

    2. A pair of mule sandals that are 100% backyard BBQ-ready — and an *essential* element of any summer outfit. Personally, I prefer a backless shoe this time of year in the off chance that I encounter an opportunity to kick them off and run barefoot and therefore free... anyone else?

    the mule sandals in a leather wicker pattern

    3. A pack of press-on nails to make maintaining your summer mani as easy as ever. As someone whose nail-painting skills never evolved past the age of 8, this set has saved my life, my wallet, AND my cuticles.

    a model wearing the blue nails holding the mani kit

    4. A cooling eye mask made with gel beads that will alleviate that puffy morning feeling which I personally detest. Bonus points because it can also reduce the appearance of eye bags, so even if you aren't getting the most sleep these days, wearing this while you catch up on some much-needed Zzzs can help.

    the green eye mask

    5. A tabletop fire pit to lure you out onto your patio (or balcony) all summer long with the promise of micro s'mores (s'mores made over a teeny tiny tabletop-sized flame).

    the tabletop firepit

    6. A set of plastic wineglasses for that end-of-the-day drink out in your backyard/patio/fire escape/roof/*insert outdoor drinking location here*. Bonus points because these bad boys are dishwasher safe.

    the glass filled with a white wine

    7. A seamless V-neck bra because we all know that pesky wires and boob sweat are definitely NOT a match made in heaven.

    a model wearing the bra in olive green

    8. A volumizing Revlon hair dryer brush for all my friends who didn't fall victim to the Dyson Airwrap trend this past holiday season, but would still appreciate a little added oomph in their hair routine.

    the hair dryer brush

    9. A Milani primer with built-in SPF 30 because a summertime sunscreen routine is nonnegotiable.

    the primer

    10. A bamboo bath tray so you can have the early 2000s rom-com-tier bubble bath that you deserve... or, perhaps more realistically, keep up with that steady stream of work emails as you soak.

    the bath tray with a book, candles, a glass of wine, a phone and a towel on it over a full bathtub

    11. And a calming lavender bath bomb with a balanced formula to go along with the caddy, so you can soak in the tub for as long as you like without having to worry about any pesky infections ruining your relaxation.

    the bath bomb

    12. A four-pack of flameless LED candles for all the immaculate ~mood lighting~ that candles provide without the literal open flame part. It's relaxation at its finest: risk-free.

    the pillar candles on a mantle

    13. A pair of split-front leggings because I just have to be the best-dressed person in the yoga class for some reason... even if the yoga class is virtual and I'm mostly watching from my couch.

    14. A cocktail infusion kit for the adventurous mixologist (or former childhood potion maker... IYKYK) who doesn't currently have an entire herb garden or a bartender's inventory of tools. This kit has everything you need to start ~ infusing~ to your taste buds' content!

    15. A handheld milk frother so each and every cup of morning coffee can feel like it came from your favorite (slightly overpriced) cafe... if you're my barista and you see this, no you didn't.

    the range of colors of the milk frothers

    16. A sound machine with an adjustable night-light and a time-to-rise function if you're the kind of person who needs some ~help~ getting up in the morn. Okay, *technically* this gadget is intended for babies, but it can totally help YOU as well. Plus, it's app-controlled, so you won't even have to get out of bed to turn it on.

    the nightlight and alarm

    17. A crossbody bag — AKA fanny pack, AKA belt bag, AKA butt pack or whatever you want to call it — as you know these babies are SO convenient, and they're ~trendy~ right now, so what are you waiting for?

    18. A pair of nonalcoholic spirits in case you're looking to have a ~dry girl summer~ but also consider yourself to be a connoisseur of delicious seasonal drinks. This way, you can maintain your sobriety and sip on something tasty, too!

    the non-alcoholic spirits with a cocktail glass

    19. An adjustable memory foam body pillow that has removable stuffing so you can customize this ~beautiful~ bedroom addition to your exact comfort specifications and enjoy the cuddling experience of your LIFE.

    20. A pack of Starface pimple patches to save your day after you develop that classic 5 o'clock chin pimple. These babies are genuinely so handy when you start feeling an impending breakout and they look cute, to boot!

    21. A Dash express egg cooker I can personally attest makes ~EGGcelent~ eggs each and every time. If you get hangry easily and never have enough time in the morning to do a full-on breakfast, treat yourself to this gadget, which cooks up to seven eggs at once and has totally revamped my attitude towards the most important meal of the day.

    the egg cooker in blue

    22. A pair of high-waisted lettuce-edge flare pants which are a slight step up style-wise from the usual lounge-y sweats we all go for while still serving ~comfort~.

    a model wearing the pants and matching top in green

    23. A mouse pad with built-in wrist support sure to help with that chronic case of work-from-home-wrist (more scientifically known as carpal tunnel syndrome). FYI, as I type this, my desk (that I am NOT working at) is staring me down.

    the pink mousepad on a desk

    24. A color-changing essential oil diffuser that'll help craft the spa-like atmosphere all of us remote workers desperately need to cultivate in our home offices/bedrooms/living rooms these days. Who knew we could be so stressed while just working from our couches?

    the gold oil diffuser lit up green

    25. A gallery wall kit that includes frames, prints, and a template because the whole bare-posters-hung-on-the-wall-with-tape thing just isn't cutting it anymore. This was a personal attack on myself...

    the framed prints on a white wall next to a leather chair and potted plant

    26. A wood serving tray so you can do breakfast (or lunch! or dinner!) in bed the right way. What could *possibly* be more delicious?

    the wooden serving tray with breakfast on top in bed

    27. And a mod faux-leather pouf that is simultaneously super useful while also serving as a gorgeous statement piece for your space. Ottoman? Side table? Art? This pouf does it all.

    Happy shopping!

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