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    31 Trendy Things From Target That’ll Add A Bohemian Touch To Any Home

    Is this decor real life or is it just fantasy...

    1. A roll of green panther peel-and-stick wallpaper perfect for the renter with ~eccentric~ taste who would very much like to KEEP their security deposit.

    2. A tall striped basket for storing all your art supplies or turning that pile of laundry into a design statement.

    the brown and black cylindrical basket with handles

    3. A cylindrical drum table that will definitely play well with all the other pieces in your space while also adding a pop of metallic, eclectic style.

    4. A woven patio egg-chair so cool I almost don't want to sit in it because I don't feel ready for the chicness. But also I NEED to sit in this right now.

    the wicker chair with green cushions

    5. A reversible velvet duvet and sham set that could basically be straight from one of the Cheetah Girls' bedrooms. I'm living my Disney-Channel-bohemian-dreams one Target find at a time...

    6. A pair of framed tropical palm prints to provide a cool, calming presence to your walls, while still playing nicely with all your other bohemian decor.

    the two framed palm leaf prints hung on a wall

    7. A gold sunburst wall mirror that feels absolutely essential for ~ethereal girl summer~ but will continue to look gorgeous on your wall all year long!

    the gold metal mirror on a wall above a small table

    8. A faux hanging pothos plant that will make you look like the best and coolest (faux) plant parent ever!

    the green faux pothos plant hanging in a woven basket

    9. A set of metallic ceramic vases for those who are a pick-real-flowers type of person, *and* for those who just want to feel like that type of person.

    The vases in gold

    10. A trio of rattan wall hooks — save yourself from losing your keys and jewelry while also making it ~home fashion.~

    the wall hooks on a bedroom wall

    11. A banana bark open-weave basket for making miscellaneous storage somehow *strikingly* stylish.

    the open-weave banana bark basket with books inside of it

    12. A roll of peacock peel-and-stick wallpaper that's light and elegant while still adding just a little bit of ~spice~ to your walls in a way that won't upset your landlord later on.

    13. A boho striped quilt set perfect for lounging and sleeping in late in the utmost bohemian style.

    the quilt set on the bed

    14. A black rattan floor lamp that honestly looks like it belongs in some extravagantly cool celebrity home featured on the cover of Architectural Digest. But plot twist — it's actually in *YOUR* place.

    15. A gold metal bowl for displaying whatever your heart desires with a dash of elegance AND glam.

    the bowl on a coffee table

    16. A neutral ornate braided rug that's ready to welcome you into your bohemian paradise.

    17. A woven seagrass basket sure to keep future guests guessing, is it a purse? Is it a tote? Is it magazine storage? Wow, they must read so much...

    The basket

    18. A rattan cage accent table that looks like an *actual* work of art yet will provide function on top of its fashion in any space.

    19. A wooden wall shelf because it can elevate any room and your knickknacks with its simple and satisfying boho flair.

    The shelf installed on a wall holding a variety of objects

    20. A handmade cotton wall art piece that definitely belongs in the bedroom of the ~effortlessly cool and mysterious~ character in the plot that is your life. Be and channel that character!

    21. A woven striped accent rug sure to spice up your foyer in just the right way.

    the black and white striped woven rug

    22. A macrame fringed mirror that brings a dynamic twist to a classic and essential wall decoration.

    the mirror hanging on a wall

    23. A rattan arched wall mirror to help open up your space AND let you check out your beautiful face! What more could you *possibly* want?

    The rattan mirror on a living room wall

    24. Or perhaps a standing mirror with a ladder stand to turn any empty corner into a stylish self-love shrine. Hang your collection of shawls and scarves on the back. Check yourself AND this delightful design out at the same time!

    The wooden mirror with a ladder stand

    25. A chunky diamond-patterned throw pillow that'll bring a touch of ~texture~ to your couch along with its understated pattern.

    the pillow in two colors on a grey couch

    26. A ladder-style bookshelf perfect for stacking tons of books or plants or literally whatever thing has become a key part of your personality and thus must be displayed as such.

    The bookshelf with plants and decor on it

    27. A set of three hanging rope baskets that feel like quintessential ~casual cottagecore~ pieces, but can still easily crossover into the world of boho. Bonus points for both cuteness AND versatility.

    the three baskets, each in a different color pattern white and gray, white and tan, and black and cream

    28. A wooden beaded chandelier because it's such a distinctive piece of decor it may just steal the show at your next dinner party. You might not be able to swing from it, but your guests will certainly be swinging their heads back to admire this remarkable find.

    The chandelier hanging over a dining table

    29. A chunky knit pouf ottoman that looks straight out of The New Girl loft. Is this your place, or Jessica Day's?

    30. A rattan armchair with Tulum vibes to bring some ~star-in-an indie-coming-of-age movie~ energy into your space.

    31. A handcrafted mango wood nightstand with wool accents that brings texture and a funky flair to a bedroom essential while still meeting all your bedside needs.