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    27 Trendy Pieces Of Home Decor From Target That’ll Make Your Home Look Brand-New

    "Who is she" —You to your house after you're done redecorating.

    1. A bamboo-framed wall mirror to give those daily mirror selfies a little extra something (and also serve as a great statement piece for your wall, of course).

    the round bamboo wall mirror

    2. A rattan accent table that looks like an *actual* work of art, yet can provide function on top of its stellar style in any space.

    the table

    3. A four-pack of flameless LED candles because the immaculate ~mood lighting~ that candles provide can transform the vibe of any space (and these do that without the literal open flame part. It's relaxation at its finest, risk-free)!

    the pillar candles on a mantle

    4. A gallery wall kit that includes frames, prints, and a template, so you quite literally will have zero excuses to avoid hanging it all up. That whole bare-posters-hung-on-the-wall-with-tape thing? It just isn't cutting it anymore.

    the framed prints on a white wall next to a leather chair and potted plant

    5. A gold rainbow wall accent piece in case you've already done the gallery wall thing and want to ~shake things up~ with a sleek, statement-making installation.

    the gold metal rainbow wall art

    6. A set of round wire baskets since everyone knows if you combine a bunch of random knickknacks into a basket it transforms them into ~something magnificent~ (don't ask me why because I don't know).

    the decorative baskets with books and candles inside

    7. A color-changing essential oil diffuser that'll help craft a more relaxing atmosphere in your space, especially great for any remote workers feeling stuck in their homes these days... makeshift office space or spa? You can hardly tell the difference!

    the gold oil diffuser lit up green

    8. A leaning floor mirror because you've been searching on Facebook Marketplace for forever, and it's time to accept that the perfect floor mirror was actually waiting for you at Target all along...

    the French country wood mirror

    9. A vase in a standing metal arch to make your weekly grocery store floral arrangement look straight out of Architectural Digest.

    10. A roll of forest-inspired peel-and-stick wallpaper for my more ~eclectic~ renters who are sick of staring at those Landlord Special™ walls in your place. Getting to live out my grandma-meets-cottagecore design dreams without losing my security deposit? Yes, please!

    11. A sheer curtain because you know what they say — "The windows are the eyes to the house's soul"...or whatever. Point is, some cute new curtains can spruce up your entire space.

    the curtains in blush pink

    12. A floral throw pillow that's downright delightfully delicate and will pop on practically any couch.

    the delicate floral pillow

    13. A terracotta vase to make it look like you totally did pay attention in your freshman year entry-level ceramics class. See, mom and dad?

    14. A six-tier wooden plant stand in case you're hoping that 2022 is the year you become a full-blown plant parent. This will help you organize your lil' green babies in a stylish fashion, without letting them take over your life (completely).

    the wooden plant stand next to a couch

    15. And a large faux fern or two, because if we're being completely honest with ourselves, keeping up a whole house worth of plants is a tough job, and sometimes you've gotta cut yourself a little slack in the watering department.

    16. A dome-shaped accent lamp that will quite literally brighten up any space and looks much fancier than its price tag. Two of my favorite things: budget-friendly decor and ~soft~ lighting.

    the gold table lamp

    17. A pack of peel and stick floor tiles to cover that unsightly linoleum flooring in your apartment that hasn't been updated since the nineties. You deserve the aesthetic of vintage tile flooring without the hefty price tag or a dent in your security deposit!

    the Moroccan style floral floor tiles

    18. A stylish shower curtain with knotted fringe that's basically the tone-setter for your entire bathroom. You're in there every single day — why not make it as fashionable as possible?

    19. A faux plant in a woven wall planter because we've already established that keeping a plant alive can be a challenge, so keeping a hanging plant in a cool decorative planter alive? Let's not set ourselves up for failure here.

    the woven wall planter

    20. A mod faux leather pouf that is simultaneously super useful while also serving as a gorgeous statement piece for your space. Ottoman? Side table? Art? This pouf does it all.

    21. A marble pillar candle holder because there's just something *so* glamorous about a pillar candle, but the melted wax they leave behind? not so much.

    22. A lift-top coffee table that can instantly transform your living room into a work/dining/any-activity-that-needs-a-table space when necessary. Plus, it looks way sleeker than that upturned cardboard box you've been using as a makeshift coffee table... just me?

    23. A square floor pillow to revive that one drop-dead gorgeous wood accent chair you impulse bought without testing for comfortability. Also great for actual floor sitters — where are my people at?

    24. A pack of peel-and-stick backsplash tiles so you can create the kitchen of your dreams, without the unappetizing process that is hardcore home renovation.

    the backsplash in pink

    25. A geometric accent lamp since we're all in agreement that overhead lighting totally spoils those cozy evening vibes. This lamp is especially ~cool~ because it'll look good whether it's on or off.

    the marble and brass accent lamp

    26. A diamond shag area rug to soften up your space (or cover some unsightly old flooring).

    the area rug in white and grey diamond shapes

    27. And finally, a metal, wood, and leather bar cart because you waited awhile to see if the trend would die out, and it hasn't. So now it's high-time to embrace the bar cart life. Class up your at-home drinking experience and an otherwise irrelevant corner of your space all in one chic swoop!

    the bar cart filled will liquor bottles

    Happy redecorating!

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