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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help You Feel More Prepared For Your First Week Back At School

    All the college essentials, plus some non-essential essentials (admit it, they're the most fun part...).

    1. A single-serve Keurig coffeemaker that's perfect for keeping you and all your new friends caffeinated — especially come midterms and finals. Bonus points because the single-serve function benefits your wallet AND your nerves.

    2. And a handheld milk frother so you don't need to drag yourself all the way to the campus coffee cart to get your first latte of the day. Fair warning that this handy gadget WILL make you the in-house barista for your entire dorm floor. So *do* be careful, with great power comes great responsibility...

    the milk frother

    3. A lightweight stick vacuum that converts into a handheld one and won't take up *too* much precious storage space in your dorm. I know you think you won't need one at school, but TRUST me, you will.

    4. A silicone popcorn popper to help you make that absolutely *perfect* bowl of microwave popcorn (without setting off the smoke alarm) that dorm life seem to make everyone crave. It's the perfect snack for sharing during late night movie nights and study sessions.

    the popcorn bowl

    5. A ruched bodycon mini dress that will be perfect for your first night out on the town (or just around campus) with your college besties. Go have the night of your life in this trendy and gorg dress!

    6. A mini Wi-Fi projector to ensure your movie nights go down in collegiate history and are revered in hushed tones for generations to come. This baby can project on any wall, anywhere — just connect your phone wirelessly and you're in business.

    the projector

    7. A pack of flameless LED pillar candles that'll ensure the vibe in your dorm is ~lit~ without becoming a literal fire hazard. Bonus points because these candles are remote controlled, meaning you won't need to climb down from your top bunk to turn them off.

    the LED candles on a bathtub tray

    8. A dorm bedding bundle with a twin XL-sized comforter, sheets, pillows and pillowcases, a mattress pad, mattress topper, bedside caddy, laundry bag and a six-piece towel set... so basically, you can skip that dreaded trip to Ikea! Plus, some of the sets are designed by brands like Eddie Bauer and Novogratz.

    9. A tabletop air purifier with an essential oil scent option that's ideal for keeping the air clean and fresh in small spaces like your dorm room (or cramped post-dorm college apartment).

    the tabletop air purifier

    10. A double-decker Dash egg cooker for when you sleep through breakfast hours at the cafeteria. With this device, you can make a quick and easy breakfast, right in your dorm room. It poaches, makes hard- and soft-boiled eggs, and even omelettes! How eggs-traordinary (sorry).

    the red egg cooker

    11. A tiny mini fridge with an LED-lit mirror door that's perfect for keeping everything from your skincare to your must-have study beverage (and therefore your mood) chilled. Plus, it makes a great spot for a mirror selfie!

    12. A 10-piece assorted color pack of gel pens because you can *literally* never have enough if these in school. Even when 99% of the class is online or, at the very least, digitized. You WILL eventually need a pen, I PROMISE!

    a model writing with one of the pens

    13. A smart wireless essential oil diffuser that can be controlled from your phone, so when you come home from an extra stressful class, you can make sure that your room will already smell like a luxurious and relaxing spa.

    the diffuser on a bedside table

    14. A laptop sleeve with tons of pockets in case you're into studying with ~maximalist~ style. It's perfect for toting everything from your tech to an old school Moleskin notebook to class with you.

    15. A retro-inspired microwave that I've purchased not once, not twice, but a whopping three times — once for college and twice for apartments that were across the country from each other (otherwise, I would've just moved with it). Having a microwave in your dorm, especially a cute one like this, is game changing.

    the microwave in blue

    16. A pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones with 30 hours of battery life, for those intense cram studying sessions, long thoughtful walks across campus, or simply tuning out your roommates.

    the black headphones

    17. A pair of running shoes to help you handle getting to that 8 a.m. class that you inevitably wake up late for (at least a few times in the semester). Slip these bad boys on to help you sprint across campus.

    the shoes in navy blue

    18. A pair of pillow slides that double as shower shoes — communal bathrooms, need I say more?

    hand holding the slide in green

    19. A small pencil sharpener to toss in your bag and forget about for half a semester until you finally use your one loose pencil enough that you desperately need a sharpener. But there's never a sharpener in the classroom. That's when Past You will come to the rescue with this little gadget! (Also, would probably work for sharpening pencil eyeliner... just saying).

    the pencil sharpener in pink

    20. A mesh shower caddy so none of your carefully curated beauty products EVER have to touch the floor of the communal bathrooms. And this fabric caddy drains better than those rigid plastic ones.

    the black mesh caddy bag

    21. A cute tube dress style towel with a hook-and-loop closure in case your dorm room is the one furthest from the aforementioned communal bathrooms...very much can relate.

    model wearing the towel wrap dress in blue

    22. A Wi-Fi-enabled digital photo frame with unlimited photo storage and an app that allows multiple people to pick out photos to display. Perfect for feeling connected to family when you leave for college OR gifting to loved ones with the promise that you'll upload some snapshots of the memories you're making while you're away from them. Personally, my own mom *definitely* could've used one of these when I left for school...

    the grey, stone-like frame displaying a photo

    23. A three-pack of Clorox disinfecting wipes — for obvious reasons.

    the three pack of disinfecting wipes

    24. A weighted blanket to hide under when that project you've been putting off for weeks finally starts to feel real...roughly six hours before it's due.

    the pale pink weighted blanket

    25. A 24-pack of sheet masks so you're fully prepared whenever the need for a night of self-care emerges.

    the sheet masks

    26. A sound machine with a white noise feature to help you fall asleep more easily, especially while you're adjusting to a new space, new schedule and new neighbors (some of whom like to DJ in their rooms at 2 a.m. on school nights).

    the sound machine

    27. A clip-on LED desk lamp for when you're burning the midnight oil (sans the titular oil lamp, ofc).

    28. A 3D weighted sleep mask that will block out light without putting pressure directly on your eyes, and help you stay asleep — crucial in case you and your roommate aren't quite schedule-compatible. These will help you get some quality sleep even on those nights when they spontaneously switch the lights on at 3 a.m...don't ask.

    model wearing the black sleep mask

    29. A stylish laptop backpack with a built-in USB port and multiple compartments to keep you charged and organized all semester long.

    the black backpack

    30. Or a messenger-style laptop bag that can also be carried as a briefcase, in case you just can't bring yourself to continue wearing a backpack in college. I get it, I too decided to ~rebrand~ after high school.

    model holding the bag in white two different ways

    31. And an Anker power bank with high-speed recharge abilities to go inside of your bag. This powerhouse of a charge bank can provide over three full recharges to most smartphones!

    the black power bank

    Happy shopping, make sure to enjoy the time off this summer while you can!

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