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    Just 20 Things From Anthropologie That Are Incredibly Comfy

    Because putting on pants is already tough enough — they should at least be comfortable.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A smocked romper absolutely perfect for stretching out and relaxing on a picnic blanket in the park. Someone pass the watermelon, please!

    a model wearing the blue smocked romper

    2. A button-front midi dress you'll definitely want on hand after a long summer day at the pool. This piece is ideal for tossing on before you head out to a sleepy, wine-filled patio dinner somewhere... BRB just adding this to my cart and making a reservation for every night of the week.

    3. A gorgeous maxi dress great for a low-key wedding, high-key date night, or even for just lounging in glamorous comfort.

    4. A pair of retro-style wide-leg jeans to help you channel your inner Donna from That '70s Show, aka my FOREVER fashion inspiration.

    5. A pair of utility cargo pants for a cute, convenient, and most of all comfortable wardrobe staple. Reviewers love that these pants are easy to dress up or down depending on your mood that day.

    6. A Calvin Klein bralette I can't imagine anyone is surprised to see on a list of comfortable and cute products because CK basically never misses when it comes to undergarments.

    a model wearing the bra in black

    7. A pair of slip-on Teva sneakers with a collapsible heel so they can turn into mules when you just cannot possibly be bothered to get your foot all the way in. We've all been there!

    the shoes in blue and green

    8. A pair of knit flare pants that look like they belong at a Harry Styles "Love On Tour" show. Even if you didn't manage to score those elusive tickets, you can put these babies on and stylishly *pretend* you'll be seeing Mr. Styles' concert in comfort.

    9. An oversized button-down tunic to ~effortlessly~ toss on as you head out for a stroll through your local farmers market and pick up charcuterie supplies for the evening. I can taste — I mean SEE it now...

    a model wearing the white buttondown

    10. A bandeau dress so chic and relaxed-looking it's basically begging to be taken on a vacation. Soooo, friend trip? Where are we going, babes?

    11. A pair of stretchy cropped wide-leg pants with major Cool Girl™ energy (nobody needs to know that they also happen to be the comfiest pants in your closet).

    12. A pair of wide-leg printed pants that certainly don't skimp on style OR comfort, and will make an undeniable statement no matter what you wear them with.

    13. A seamless T-back bralette giving very 2010-era fashion. Remember those open-back shirts revealing cute bras underneath that led to weird but fun tan lines in the summer? Yeah, I vote we bring that back! Starting with this ultra-comfortable bra.

    14. A pair of Good American white flare jeans which definitely feel like The Pant for this summer. Yes, yes, there are plenty of flared and wide-leg pants out there, but white denim? White denim deserves its OWN shoutout.

    a model wearing the white denim jeans

    15. A strappy back Sweaty Betty maxi dress for working out (or simply hanging out) in total comfort and style.

    16. An embellished tee that works great as a go-to top but is a chic (and comfy!) step up from your standard plain white tee.

    a model wearing the shirt in white

    17. A pair of relaxed mid-rise jeans to serve as a reliable staple with which you can construct an absolutely killer end-of-summer-meets-early-fall wardrobe.

    18. A pair of flare yoga pants so you have a stylish excuse to actually keep up with that yoga practice you swore you'd finally commit to this summer. No shade here, Yoga with Adriene has also been calling my name as of late...

    a model wearing the flare leggings in black

    19. A tie-shoulder tank that will elevate your go-to tank and shorts summer look and will pair perfectly with practically everything you own.

    a model wearing the blue floral print tank

    20. And a set of silk hair ties to throw your hair up into a Y/N fanfiction-style messy bun as you bound ~breathlessly~ out the door right before you accidentally run into your love interest. Or, you know, if you just want to put your hair up to go grab a coffee... either way these things are a lot comfier than your basic hair band.

    the hair ties in black

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