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    31 Things Under $40 From Target That’ll Help You Always End Your Day On A Good Note

    Soothe your overworked self without overworking your wallet.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A breakfast sandwich maker, because sometimes breakfast for dinner is *exactly* what you need to salvage a not-so-great day. To quote Leslie Knope, why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?

    The sandwich maker on a table surrounded by breakfast sandwiches

    2. A llama-shaped mood light to boost your mood every night without fail. No matter the day you've had, any leftover negativity is no match for this little llama's cuteness!

    3. A unique set of vases in an iron tray so you can come home to foliage displayed like your place is in an extra chic edition of Architectural Digest.

    The vases in an iron tray on a bed of pebbles

    4. A mixologist set that will make your nightcap so much more ~satisfying~ and prove to your guests that your MasterClass subscription is getting some use.

    The cocktail set in use

    5. A rose quartz facial roller to pamper your skin on the daily, because you deserve it. Add this tool to your nightly skincare routine, with or without your favorite skin serum or oil, for a cooling and soothing sensation.

    The pink facial roller

    6. A lavender and hyssop bath bomb that's paraben- and sulfate-free, to soothe your skin *and* help you soothe your soul with a luxurious bath at the end of the day.

    The bath bomb shaped like a moon

    7. A birthstone candle to celebrate you *and* bring a new twist to the Zodiac candle trend. Light this baby up at night for the best personalized vibes!

    The birthstone candle for March, Aquamarine

    8. A faux wood letter board so you can leave and come home to reminders for yourself (by yourself) that you are a genius decorator and a super cool person who deserves to have a great day!

    The letter board on the wall reading "You can totally do this!"

    9. A mini flower waffle maker to help you fall asleep with a full heart, fantasizing about the floral-inspired breakfast you'll be serving up in the morning! Or, if we're still on the breakfast for dinner theme, these floral-design waffles will make your night *chef kisses fingers*.

    The waffle maker next to a pile of flower printed pancakes

    10. A tall striped basket for storing *literally* anything in a super cute and simple way. The day is suddenly so much better when decluttering is this easy.

    the brown and black cylindrical basket with handles

    11. An ambience-adding wax melter to satisfy your hunger for hygge and have your place smelling warm and wonderful to come home to each night.

    the wax warmer

    12. A set of macaron bath bombs because you deserve to end your day with one of the ~sweeter~ things in life.

    The bath bombs shaped like different colored macarons

    13. An embroidered floral throw pillow to give you the feeling of lying in a meadow (without any of the allergic reactions that usually come along with it) when you collapse on your couch/bed/comfort zone of choice at the end of your day.

    The pillow propped on a pink chair

    14. A salt lamp for your bedside table, because I'm not sure who decided these were necessary for calming environments, but they were so right. You won't believe the difference in ~vibe~ that this little lamp makes!

    The salt lamp

    15. A cloud light-up whiteboard to write the highlights from your day or your evening affirmations on, either way it'll help you end the night *literally* glowing.

    the cloud white board lit up with 'count on me' written across

    16. An artificial boxwood arrangement to add some earthy vibes to your space! If you're like me and have the opposite of a green thumb, then you'll adore the joy and ease of coming home to this faux plant knowing you don't have to lift a finger to maintain it.

    17. A color-changing essential oil diffuser that will help you come home to a totally ~zen~ space every day.

    The diffuser which lights up soft green pink and blue

    18. A plush shag rug to bring '70s inspired good vibes into the entryway of your place, but make it millennial pink for the added mood boost of a truly aesthetically appealing piece! Not to mention, this'll welcome your footsies home in the *softest* way possible.

    The rug in pink by a sliding glass door

    19. A wooden hair tools organizer that'll help keep your bathroom clean and organized throughout your day so that at the end of it, there's no huge mess to tackle. You won't believe the difference a clutter-free counter will make!

    The wooden organizer

    20. A faux variegated hoya leaf hanging plant to make you look and feel like the best and coolest (faux) plant parent ever! You can rest easy each night when you're able to enjoy your living room greenery (it *has* been known to soothe) without the tedious task of watering them.

    the plant hanging in the window

    21. A four-piece set of decorative terra-cotta vases so you can return home to freshly cut flowers beautifully displayed in these stunning pieces.

    The four vases in green with one succulent

    22. An African Black Soap Resurfacing Night Serum from SheaMoisture to end your skin's evening on a good, revitalizing note so you wake up each morning glowing, and ready to *face* a new day!

    the serum

    23. A yoga studio cat scratcher/condo so your kitten has their own space to ~chill out~ (or furiously run out their energy) at the end of the day, as opposed to going totally feral while you're trying to fall asleep.

    24. An "I hope you brought wine" doormat because once you let your guests know what's expected of them, you're guaranteed to have a better time when inviting company over at the end of the day.

    the doormat laid over a plaid mat

    25. A roll of tropical peel-and-stick wallpaper so you can fall asleep each night in your own personal oasis. No matter your lease length, you definitely deserve to LOVE your living space.

    The wallpaper which is green and has tropical leaf patterns

    26. A metal sunburst wall mirror perfect for wishing your beautiful face goodnight at the end of each day... Am I the only one who does that? Try it, I guarantee you'll get a serotonin boost.

    the mirror on a wall above a small table

    27. A "feels good to be home" sign so adorable it'll easily prove itself to be true. Home sweet(ly decorated) home.

    The sign on a wall under a clock

    28. An antique-inspired glass bath set to achieve that ever-elusive ~effortlessly put-together~ vibe for your bathroom. It's where we spend a significant chunk of our night (hello, long skincare routine), why not make sure it's as flawlessly decorated as possible?

    29. A sofa bolster dog bed that's perfect for politely kicking your restless puppy out of bed at night so you get your legroom (and a good night's sleep) back.

    The sofa in green

    30. A string of indoor/outdoor flower lights to help add ambience to the exterior of your place and make it feel all the more magical every time you return home at the end of the day.

    the flower lights

    31. A facial treatment that'll help you throw yourself an at-home spa night at the end of an extra long work week. These hydrogel eye patches contour to your face with ease to deliver a soothing and hydrating experience that will wipe away even the worst of weeks!

    The facial treatment

    I hope you found a few things to turn any day around for you!

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