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    30 ShopDisney Products So Good, You’ll Be Tracking Delivery Until They Arrive

    Apologies in advance to my mailman who is about to witness me in full blown Disney Adult™ mode...

    1. A Mickey waffle maker to make breakfast an even more important (and fun!) part of your day. Now that's what *I* call magic.

    A Mickey-shaped waffle maker with red outside and Mickey image

    2. A deadly nightshade candle you can display prominently in your kitchen and spook all your guests with. Did anyone else sort of want to try the nightshade soup Sally makes for Dr. Finkelstein? Just me?

    3. A mini Ratatouille backpack which I cannot wait to store all my Disneyland snacks in during my next park visit.

    the ratatouille themed backpack with remy and food on it

    4. A subtle and adorable Baymax planter for all my casual Disney Adults™ who prefer their Disney decor to blend in a bit with their nonDisney decor.

    the Baymax planter which looks like Baymax's head

    5. A Haunted Mansion urn mug that'll help my more ~morbid~ caffeine fiends drag their bodies into the land of the living after a particularly restless night of haunting.

    the green urn shaped mug

    6. A clever Ratatouille cheese board I think would make even Anton Ego smile. Lay out a Remy-approved charcuterie spread on this beautiful serving platter and start savoring!

    7. A Winnie the Pooh honey jar, well, because of course! Are you really a classic Disney fan if your honey isn't displayed in some sort of Pooh paraphernalia?

    the glass honey jar

    8. A light-up Tesseract replica to ever-so-casually display on your bookshelf like the hero (of interior decorating) that you are.

    9. A light-up Monsters, Inc. tree that will make a frighteningly fun centerpiece on your table this holiday season.

    the tree which is covered in purple ornaments and eyeballs

    10. A Mad Hatter serving tray for livening up your next tea (or unbirthday) party! Your guests will go through your snacks like lightening just so they can see the gorg display underneath.

    the mad hatter serving tray which reads "mad hatter teacups"

    11. A Pizza Planet pizza maker I just cannot stop thinking about since I laid eyes on it. This gadget combines two of my favorite things: pizza and Toy Story!

    A countertop pizza maker with red outside and Pizza Planet logo on top

    12. A King Arthur Carrousel-themed purse to embed some ~childlike wonder~ back into your wardrobe.

    the carrousel shaped purse

    13. A Hocus Pocus cauldron mug that changes colors to suit all your witchy needs this season. Soup? Tea? Potion? This mug can handle it all.

    14. Or a Grumpy mug in case you wake up feeling like my personal favorite of Snow White's seven dwarves. If it's before 8 a.m. I'm not digging it either!

    15. A fluffy Mickey Mouse headphone holder to hold your earbuds when you're not jammin' out to your favorite Disney hits. Everyone drop their favorite soundtrack below — mine's Moana!

    16. A Grogu-themed jersey in case you're also counting down the days until The Mandalorian Season 3 comes out (February 2023, for the uninformed).

    17. A Halloween-themed soap dispenser that dispenses your soap in an adorable Mickey shape to brighten up your bathroom. Catch me washing my hands every 20 minutes just to enjoy an appearance from Mickey!

    18. A pair of the cutest Turning Red slippers to keep your tootsies comfy and cozy all winter.

    the red panda slippers

    19. A little light-up Zero figurine for all my fellow Nightmare Before Christmas fanatics who celebrate year-round and want some cute and functional desktop decor.

    20. An ear headband of The Child from the Mandalorian — AKA Grogu, AKA Baby Yoda, AKA my absolute favorite character throughout all of space and time. This unique pair of ears really thrills my inner child.

    The child ear headband

    21. A customizable Galactic Empire family vacation bag tag to kick your next Disney trip off right. Let everyone in baggage claim know just where you're going and how utterly excited you are to get there!

    the bag tag

    22. A Monsters University stainless-steel water bottle that is certainly a more subtle homage to your Disney-loving roots. Bring this baby onto any college campus and I doubt anyone would bat an eye — but the true fans, they'll know...

    The water bottle with the monsters university logo

    23. A Lamp and the Tramp necklace to show everyone who looks at your outfit your definition of love: dogs and spaghetti.

    A necklace featuring Lady and the Tramp sharing a pice of spaghetti, which is a necklace chain

    24. A cross-body purse so you can fashionably carry around all your park day essentials, with a bonus cute and colorful Disney print that'll get you to the front of the line. OK maybe not, but you'll get a lot of compliments.

    A crossbody purse with colorful Disney character and park decorations

    25. A necklace featuring an adorable Mickey ice cream to always remind you of your favorite treat from your trips to the Disney parks. Okay now I'm craving a Mickey ice cream for myself!

    26. A slow cooker decorated with your favorite Pixar characters that just might inspire you to cook and stay in to watch all your favorite movies. Or at least just the latter.

    A slow cooker with Pixar character icons printed on the outside

    27. A Millenium Falcon picnic blanket so you can spread out and feast wherever you'd like before your hunger forces you to cross over to the Dark Side.

    28. A reversible Star Wars bedding set, to stay protected by The Force even while you sleep.

    29. A customizable three-ring binder featuring the last person you'd ever want to know you're slacking on your work. Let this inspire you to stay organized.

    The pink, black, white, and blue binder with Cruella DeVil on it

    30. And finally, a pair of Barefoot Dreams socks with subtle Mickey detailing — one could even call it hidden Mickey detailing — that will blend ~magically~ into your wardrobe this season.

    I wish you the ~happiest~ of shopping sprees!

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