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    If You’re Looking For A New Couch, Here Are 31 Reviewer-Loved Options From Wayfair

    If you weren't planning a couch potato-girl winter before, you are now.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A velvet square arm sleeper couch so stylish, your guests won't ever notice that by simply sliding the back down, it can transform into a totally chic bed!

    2. A square-backed couch to greet your guests with unfettered luxury as soon as they enter your home. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but I *will* personally judge a house by its couch...

    reviewer image of the gray couch with matching circle pillows and other white pillows on it in a living room with a wooden table

    3. Or a velvet loveseat for the luxurious experience of the material in a slightly smaller, space-saving package.

    the pink couch with a throw blanket over it and wall decorations above it

    4. A reclining chaise lounge with a removable ottoman — if a chair could have main character energy, this would be it.

    5. A reversible sofa and chaise lounge in case your couch is on its last legs after years of being crashed on. This chic chaise situation will make a much better makeshift bed and look fantastic in your living space.

    6. An armless chaise lounge that is most certainly swoon-worthy and totally ready to catch you when you inevitably fawn and faint over it.

    the chaise lounge in sky blue

    7. A minimalist couch with utterly adorable '70s vibes. Don't worry though, 2021 technology means this couch comes equipped with all the modern comforts. It's even stain resistant, y'all!

    the orange couch with a glass table in front of it and a laptop on it

    8. A square-arm sofa which looks like it belongs in the lobby of an art museum that you could spend the day getting completely lost in (in the best of ways).

    the sofa in rose with a coffee table in front of it

    9. An elegant Chesterfield sofa that actually looks like it belongs in one of the exhibits of said museum. I almost wouldn't be able to bring myself to sit on it...almost.

    10. A loveseat perfect for providing the couch experience without hindering you in a smaller space.

    11. A two-toned chaise lounge so luxurious, you'd never guess it's ALSO super functional. The secret storage compartment underneath is somehow both delightfully dramatic and practical.

    12. A genuine-leather sofa that over 1,000 reviewers absolutely love. There's just no denying that level of adoration over this sleek furniture piece.

    reviewer image of the tan leather couch with white pillows

    13. A velvet flared-arm couch with a unique rounded design to add some flair to your space without overpowering any of the other decor.

    14. A reclining sofa to provide a true movie theater experience, right in your living room. Pass the popcorn, please!

    the sofa with the middle tray down

    15. A wicker patio daybed perfect for if you're looking for a lounging spot AND trying to get outdoors more this fall. Bonus points because the set splits apart into individual chairs for even more comfy seating options.

    The daybed

    16. A velvet twin daybed which granted, is not entirely a sofa, but also not entirely a bed. Dare I say, you'll get the best of both worlds?

    Review photo of the pastel pink daybed

    17. A vintage Novogratz sofa that is totally scratching the dark academia itch I have buried near the back of my brain. Oh the ~studying~ I could accomplish sprawled on this beauty...

    the green velvet sofa with plant artwork above it

    18. A clean-line loveseat with subtle button-tufted detailing on the back for an extra sprinkle of charm.

    the orange couch with a funky pillow

    19. A sleeper lounge to solve all your guest sleeping arrangement issues, in even the smallest of spaces. This compact little lounge is a stylish couch by day, and comfy twin sleeper by night!

    20. A velvet loveseat with a back design that's ~dramatic~ to say the least. There's no doubt this piece will steal the show of any room you place it in.

    21. A reclining sofa that's slightly more covert in its comfort and capabilities than the one you remember your grandparents owning back in the day. Fashion meets function, am I right?

    22. A modern sofa that folds down for a quick sleeper situation, because maybe you consider yourself ~beyond~ a futon, but the friend who has to sleep on your floor doesn't. This simple piece is the perfect compromise.

    23. An über-comfy couch with an easy to blend contemporary look which won't overwhelm the space but will still refresh it. Take it from the 600+ reviewers who loved this purchase: Get the couch.