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    Just 27 Things On Sale At Urban Outfitters That Are Perfect For Summer

    Summertime, and the ~savings~ are easy...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. An empire waist printed mini dress which looks like it belongs at a picturesque cafe along the French Riviera. I'll take un café and this dress, merci!

    2. A pair of BDG high-waisted slim straight leg jeans that are the perfect summer ~basic~ without being too basic, you feel me? This delightful denim can be paired with practically any statement piece in your wardrobe and voila, you've got a LOOK!

    3. A pair of striped knit flare pants to help you look and feel cool as ever while simultaneously being fully ready for an afternoon nap, the ultimate clothing combo!

    4. A T-shirt dress that's adorably casual and would look equally cute as a beach cover-up or as the centerpiece of a picnic-in-the-park fit.

    A model wearing the dress which is white and blue and white striped

    5. A pair of vintage-style oval sunglasses to help you establish yourself as THE main character in your summer plot.

    The sunglasses

    6. A smocked long sleeve crop top with a silhouette I am simply *obsessed* with these days. It's princess vibes all summer long...

    7. A Center For Creative Works print bucket hat that's giving me such strong childhood nostalgia vibes. I just want to run through a sprinkler with this cute little cap on!

    The hat in a tropical cartoonish print

    8. A knit bodycon midi dress to help you achieve the orange creamsicle-inspired look of your dreams. We're ~manifesting~ regular visits from our neighborhood ice cream truck this sweltering season.

    9. A pair of Reebok sneakers that are the perfect summer staple shoe: simple enough to work with any outfit without being too plain, and comfortable too!

    The sneakers in white and green

    10. A smocked mini dress with ~run passionately through a field of flowers~ written ALL over it. Don't mind if I do...

    The mini dress in yellow

    11. A pair of butterfly-shaped sunglasses that are ~summer of love~ ready! A butterfly can never see the beauty of their own wings but we can all certainly see the beauty of these stylish sunnies!

    The sunglasses on a model

    12. A pair of cat-eye sunglasses, perfect for making a poolside style statement without having to do too much and disrupt your carefully cultivated ~relaxed~ vibe.

    A model wearing the glasses in blue

    13. A pair of BDG high-waisted mom jean shorts because we know these babies carry summer fashion on their backs all season long, and for good reason!

    14. A wrap mini skirt that looks ready for a stroll through an empty Central Park as half the city has fled to the Hamptons for Fourth of July weekend and the sudden absence of the near-constant hustle and bustle lets you reflect on how much you love your life... okay, I've officially seen one too many rom-coms!

    15. A pair of cheetah print slide sandals totally begging for you to strut like you mean it and free your mind this summer. Come on, come on!

    The sandal

    16. A tube top because who wants sleeve or strap tan lines this season?

    17. A geometric print ruana wrap that 100% belongs on a beach in Malibu at sunset, running towards the chilly (but not ice cold) waves, can you picture it?

    The ruana

    18. A plaid midi skirt for those of us who are still trying to maintain some semblance of our ~light academia~ aesthetic despite the incoming heat.

    The skirt paired with gogo boots

    19. A hoop earring set for accessorizing with ease and elegance this summer. Simplicity will set you free!

    20. A puff sleeve mini dress that's semi-shapeless in the best possible way and feels perfect for a casual, relaxed day out look that won't leave you feeling sweaty and disheveled.

    21. A hair scarf in case you're like me and want to hop on the cute bandana trend but simply cannot figure out a sustainable way to tie it onto/into your hair. It just won't stay!

    22. A pair of side snap shorts that feel *so* middle school and yet so adorably fresh and new? I guess history and fashion trends do repeat themselves, but this time I really can't complain!

    23. A reversible shoulder bag to be your go-to purse all summer long. Just toss everything in and you're ready for anything!

    24. A claw clip set because FYI, Tik Tok is bringing these bad boys back too, and to be honest, I kind of love it. Claw clips are such an easy way to keep your hair up in the heat, and there's so many new ways to style them!

    25. An oversized button down shirt that's giving me Risky Business chic in the best possible way. You simply can't go wrong styling this shirt into a summer look!

    26. A puff sleeve smocked mini dress to help you totally nail your desired cottage core meets Mamma Mia summer vibe.

    27. And a denim overall mini dress that seems ready for adventure in the best (and most stylish) way!

    Note: Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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