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    31 Lightweight Pieces Of Loungewear From Target That Are Perfect For Warm Weather

    Because I need to be the best-dressed person, even when I'm simply laying on my couch.

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A short-sleeve sleep dress which, despite its name, I think could totally be styled into an everyday outfit. Basically, I'm telling you you won't ever have to wear nonlounge clothes again if you wish.

    a model wearing the sleep dress in tie dye

    2. A seamless ribbed tank top for that ~model off-duty~ aesthetic even if your actual occupation is more ~working from home on the couch~. Where are my people at?

    3. A pair of high-rise ribbed joggers that, pardon the name, require absolutely no jogging. Pop these beauties on and grab a seat in front of the TV.

    4. A flowy knit tank dress ready to be dressed up and worn out to breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, and dressed down for all those pre- and post-meal naps in between.

    5. A pair of pull-on shorts which look like the perfect pair for that post-beach, sun-kissed trip to the grocery store for all those snacks that we only seem to crave after a long day by the sea.

    a model wearing the shorts in white

    6. A pair of ribbed joggers that look cute, cozy, and even kind of workout ready — but don't worry, you don't have to exercise in them.

    7. Or a pair of ribbed PJ shorts to keep that sporty/sleepy aesthetic rolling all the way into the hottest months of summer.

    the shorts in dark grey

    8. A short-sleeve notch collar set giving some leg coverage for those of you who run cold even in the most sweltering of summers (cannot personally relate even a little).

    A model wearing the pink pj set

    9. Or you could always go for a notch-collar nightgown if, like me, pants are never part of your personal comfort equation.

    a model wearing the dress in black

    10. And a matching robe with classic white piping, to add an extra layer of softness, style, and warmth to whichever set of comfy clothes your heart desires. A robe paired with your morning coffee is an unmatched experience, trust me.

    A model wearing the robe in navy blue

    11. A matching tank and shorts set to take things back to basics in the chicest way possible.

    a model wearing the set in black

    12. A pair of high-rise bike shorts so you can nail that "on my way to a workout class" look. But don't worry, the workout class part is in NO way mandatory.

    13. A satin shorts pajama set with a long-sleeve top and a sleep mask, so you can lounge around feeling like the slightly flustered but undeniably fashionable lead in an early 2000s NYC-based romantic comedy.

    14. A pair of Mickey Mouse joggers to help satiate your inner child (or inner Disney adult, no judgment here).

    15. A cotton tank top and shorts set so you can look ~effortlessly~ put together even on the days where your plans consist of you + Netflix and maybe some takeout. The best days, in my opinion...

    a model wearing the set in pink

    16. Or a pair of ribbed bike shorts for that little extra ~oomph~ that comes with a textured set.

    17. And, of course, the matching ribbed tank to complete your extremely chic, lounge (or workout)-ready look.

    18. A pair of high-waisted lettuce-edge flare pants which are a slight step up style-wise from the usual lounge-y sweats we all go for while still serving ~comfort~.

    a model wearing the pants and matching top in green

    19. A pair of celestial-print boxers so you can get that stole-these-from-my-boyfriend loungewear look without having to find a partner who prefers boxers.

    20. Or try these animal print boxers for an even wilder loungewear look, because — not-so-secret clothing hack incoming — when you like something, you can always grab it in another color...

    a model wearing the sleep shorts in cheetah print

    21. A cotton bra cami top that'll make the perfect shirt staple for your spring-to-summer wardrobe.

    a model wearing the top in green

    22. A pair of cropped lounge pants which were most definitely pulled off a celebrity doing a highly stylized shoot for Architecture Digest.

    the cropped lounge pants in pink

    23. A lettuce trimmed shorts and top set because I simply cannot get over how much cuteness is added to this simple set with the ruffled trim... sensational.

    a model wearing the crop top and shorts set in blue

    24. A floral print PJ set that I would argue is cute enough to roll out of bed and up to brunch in (with the right accessories, of course).

    a model wearing the white floral crop top and shorts set

    25. A seamless V-neck bra because we all know that pesky wires and boob sweat... definitely NOT a match made in heaven.

    a model wearing the bra in olive green

    26. A lightweight slip dress ready for a downright cinematic evening of relaxation in whatever form you prefer.

    a model wearing the slip dress in white

    27. A notch collar crop top with the comfort of a PJ top and the style of a stapleworthy shirt so you don't have to change up your entire outfit when you go from hanging out to heading out for the day.

    a model wearing the top in light green

    28. A pair of lounge shorts because a great go-to pair of comfy shorts is practically a requirement for summer.

    a model wearing the shorts and matching sweater in sage green

    29. A pair of butterfly print sweatpants giving what I desperately wish Taylor Swift's Lover-era merch had given... *adds to cart immediately*.

    two models wearing the sweatpants and matching shirts

    30. A bralette that could easily pass as a tank top because after the temperature hits above 80 degrees, layers are OUT of the question.

    a model wearing the bra top in yellow

    31. And a pair of split front leggings because I just have to be the best-dressed person in the yoga class for some reason... even if the yoga class is virtual and I'm mostly watching from my couch.

    And that's all, folks. Happy lounging!

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